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Pyramids-EgyptScience, Art, Psychology and Mystic are the four pillars on which the temple of universal wisdom rests.

In pursuit of inner knowledge, all the great cultures of antiquity worked with these four pillars in an integrated and balanced manner. With the passage of time, the four pillars divorced from each other, its essence was adulterated and not pursued the fundamental wisdom.

The conferences of Knowledge of oneself are based on in-depth study of these four pillars in order to achieve self-fulfilment of the being or the spiritual enlightenment

  • I – Science

Believing and knowing are complete opposites. Science teaches us that direct experimentation is the basis of insight.
The practice allows us to hear and investigate the different dimensions of nature, beyond theory.

We Teach and practice the various procedures to meet and know from our own experience: concentration, relaxation, astral projection, meditation, retrospection, negotiation of karma, etc.

  • II – Art

Art teaches us how to create ourselves through a wise use of sexual energy.
In our sexual energy is our Consciousness and all our chances of being and create.

We teach the art of sexual transmutation or white Tantrism, with which it becomes possible to create the superior existential bodies of being.

  • III – Psychology

Psychology teaches us to study our soul (psyche) to release our soul from defects that enclose it

Through self-observation, reflection and understanding becomes possible to remove our shortcomings and release of Consciousness.

  • IV – Mystic

The Mystic teaches us the importance of loving the interior work and share knowledge with others.

Only constant practice and selfless service to the humanity lead us to experience the wonderful power of love, which is the ability to give unconditionally.

Love is in the conscious and selfless deeds.


Currently there is a broadcast of conferences in Spanish in the following schedules:

Mondays and Wednesdays at: 21:00 hrs GMT-5
Tuesdays and Thursdays at: 19:00 hrs and 21:00 hrs GMT-5



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