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Three Factors

The three factors for the revolution of consciousness

matrimonioperfectoThe three factors are implicit in the study of the four Pillars of Wisdom and are the synthesis of all esoteric work. Throughout the fifty conferences we will delve in understanding each one of them. We recommend studying the entire syllabus of lectures to deepen your study.

• The first factor is the Spiritual Birth.
• The second factor is the Psychological Death.
• The third factor is the Sacrifice for Humanity


Spiritual Birth is the creation of the existential bodies of Being in the practice of sex.

With our body we perceive the physical world. But reality has other levels besides the physical dimension. To know and be able to inhabit those higher dimensions we need other bodies. These subtle, energetic, bodies can only be created  through supra-sex or White Tantra.

With each body we create “we are born” in a higher dimension, we become aware of it.

To be born is necessary to have a stable partner (opposite sex) with whom we can work on sexual magic permanently. Must be the same couple, can not be another, as this will adulterate work. The couple must be willing to collaborate with us and know the work to be done.

For this work we must learn to value sexual creative energy, because with it we will make all the creation. We know that sexual energy is what keeps us alive, and if we plunder it we will become weaker, we ignore that sex is sacred. They never taught us that all our chances of being, depend on the use we give to sexual energy.

Supra-sex can not be practiced anywhere. You must have a room intended for this. The place where sexual magic (The Sahaja Maithuna) must be practiced is the nuptial bedroom or shrine this place is very special and we should take good care of it to avoid other forces from mixing. The room or bedroom where the practice will be done must be in great cleanliness and must be ventilated, free from noise (loud music) and television. There cannot be more people sleeping in this room.

Before starting the practice we must make some preparations:

• Conjuration of Belilin and Magic Circle (see Conference No. 7: “conjurations”) to clean the room from bad energies and protect it.
• Plea to the divine Father and divine Mother to assist us during the practice.
• Kisses and caresses between spouses for proper lubrication of the yoni.
• Penetration of the phallus into the yoni (penis in vagina).
• Once united sexually Concentration, Imagination and Will are necessary.
• Respiratory Procedure for the transmutation of matter into energy:
– Inhalation -20 seconds imagining the entry of air through the nose into the lungs and then lower it to the sex glands.
– Retention -20 seconds imagining the rise of a golden thread through the spine from the coccyx to the eyebrows.
– Exhale slowly -20 seconds doing the mantra elongating IIIII, AAAAA, OOOOO, vowel per vowel, repeat the entire respiratory procedure for each vowel.
• The practice will continue for as long as the couple wishes, but must be removed without spilling Sexual creative energy, ie: without ejaculation or
• It shall only be performed once better if at night.
• With patience, prudence and perseverance you will go forward vertebrae by vertebrae and body by body.
• Make very gentle movements to avoid spilling energy.
• After practice, wait at least two hours before taking a shower.

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Within us many people live, we are never identical. Sometimes it manifests in us a mean person. Further, an irritable person. At any moment a beautiful, benevolent person; Later a scandalous person or libelous; after a saint; then a liar, etc.

Our energy is embedded in each of our faults; we are men-machines, puppets managed by invisible threads. We lack of true individuality, each of our defects is moving us in different direction, we are never the same.

When we auto-observe the inner world seriously we get surprised with many defects. Each of our defects is a different person, a different “self”. We do not have a single permanent and unique “I“ but we have millions of “I’s”.

With the death of each of our shortcomings we recover energy and consciousness that had been caught. Thus the freed consciousness becomes integrated to self-consciousness.

Method to release Consciousness:
1- Auto-observe every moment to discover different defects that manifest.
2- Reflect and meditate on defects discovered to understand.
3- Plead to our Divine Mother to eliminate this defect we understood.

The Divine Mother is a spiritual power that we all have within us, it is a force that removes our psychological defects when we appeal to her focusing on our heart.

What can be seen in the inner world?
1- The different thoughts
2- The internal talks between the selves “I’s”
3- The pleasant emotions
4- The unpleasant emotions
5- The moods  we are in
6- Mechanical reactions
7- All that alters us, any situation of the physical world

The sense of self-observation will progressively intensify to  the extent that we will use it, until we wake up fully.

Example: I’m driving down the street quietly, when I reach the corner another vehicle gets in my way. If I am on  Auto-observation, not identify  with what is happening to me at the moment I can see everything that happens in my inner world; let’s see:

It appears a “self” and tells me:

• “Yell stupid”
• Another “insult him”.
• Another “Who does he thinks he is?”
• Other “Reach him!”.
• I notice that I want to fight.
• I notice that my emotional center is collapsed.
• I notice that a “self” wants revenge.
• I wonder who taught him to drive
• I think “I Hope he crashes!”.
• Another tells me he could have scratched my car.
• I can not stop thinking about this.
• “How irresponsible!” Says another.
• Other “selves” make comments about what happened.
• I feel resentment for what happened.

Some time later I still remember the scene:
• I have anger.
• I cannot forget what happened.
• I feel weak.

Each of these events is produced by a different “self”, and we must beg the Divine Mother to delete them.

Another example:

An attractive woman passes near me. If I self-observe myself I discover the “selves” in my head that are idealizing her, if I observe the emotional center I feel love or attracted to her, if I observe the Instinctive Center and the Sexual center I notice a distinct morbid activity. What do I have to do? Now that I know I’m idealizing her,  I ask my divine mother to kill each detail. If I notice that I’m falling in love I plead for death for that feeling. And when I observe the instinctive feeling of looking at her again I ask for death for that “self”. If any of them persist I continue asking the divine mother to remove it until none come out.

This procedure is called Constant Death, and involves that all day you stay attentive to realize every detail.

With this simple procedure we can change our way of eliminating every little detail by detail and releasing consciousness trapped in each one of our defects.

If I sit a moment to reflect on the various events of the day and the states in which I was, I can make new discoveries and continue asking the Divine Mother to eliminate them after I have understood. This procedure is called Reflective Meditation. And helps us to release large amounts of Consciousness.

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Everything we do in the physical world aims at finding money, prestige or pleasure. If an activity does not give us one of these things, we reject it.

The word “sacrifice” is derived from the sacred profession. This trade is sacred because it consists in transmitting to humanity in a disinterested way on how and why establish a connection with their divine part through the four pillars of wisdom. And it must be done without any distinction of race, color, age, economic status, educational level, etc.

This knowledge must be given without receiving anything back, completely free, if not it is not a sacrifice but a business. It must be given pure, without adding or omitting anything, without mixing it with pseudo-esoteric or subjective studies.

Knowledge is the principle of all. If we don’t receive it we will die in ignorance of existence. If we meditate on this and value the knowledge we have we will know the big responsibility it represents. Knowing that humanity is asleep, without knowing what they are here for is horrifying.

When we teach our interior father’s strength manifest; the wisdom of our spirit, thus when we teach we learn.

Some reasons to sacrifice for humanity:

– The reason for the Being is the same Being.
– Stop being selfish.
– A Labor of Love is fed with love.
– Each self has its own debt, if we do not have the money to pay we get stuck.
– We owe Karma of seven lives, to auto-realize ourselves we must pay.
– When one has much need, he needs good income.
– When you sacrifice for humanity you receive Dharma.
– Sacrifice generates the merits of the heart to move forward.
– What you give you receive, whom gives nothing receives nothing.
– He who gives wisdom gets wisdom.
– He who has not given even the smallest will be taken.
– The merits of the heart allow us to advance in the work of Nativity.
– When a person teaches he understands  better.
– A Selfish person progresses very slowly, if he progresses.
– Every time we help others our father gives us knowledge and teaches us something new.
– Every time we repeat the syllabus we understand better.
– If we stop teaching we get stuck in the other two factors.
– The various selves want us to forget this job. If we do not teach that will happen.

Different forms to sacrifice for humanity:

1- Inviting our friends, family and acquaintances to the conferences.
2- Inviting strangers.
3- Distributing leaflets and pasting posters inviting to the conference.
4- By advertising or making ads for campaigns.
5- Receiving the conferences.
6- Preparing yourself to dictate the conference.
7- Giving introductions to the new students.
8- Dictating conferences.
9- Opening rooms where you can teach this Knowledge.
10- Preparing staff  to continue teaching.
11- Motivating People practice the three factors.
12- Leading groups.
13- Waking consciousness to guide others.

If we prove the strength received when we give this knowledge we will begin to form a center of gravity in our Gnostic esoteric work.

Some related conferences: Conf 13 (“Laws of Karma and Dharma”), Conf 40 (“The Sacrifice for Humanity.”).

Throughout the syllabus we will deepen on these and other topics in order for you to practice and verify by yourself without having to accept or reject this knowledge.

The rooms where these lectures are given are of free admission and 100% costless.