Concentration and Relaxation

What is Concentration?

The word Concentration is showing us that the consciousness is centered in the Action.

Concentration is a big power that enables us to succeed in everything we undertake. Concentration is when we learn to live the moment. The eternal now. When our different functions work together, centering at our heart.

Hub Abilities - Concentration and Relaxation

The key to getting any practice is concentration. We must practice and fight to achieve it.

If on the day we walk focused on the night we continue concentrated. If on the day we wander at night too.

There are two types of concentration: one in the inner world, and the other in the Exterior World. The two are very important.

We are concentrated when we hold one thought. When we hold the full attention on something we can achieve Inspiration, and a moment later Success.

Concentration is the opposite of distraction, the concentration is Consciousness, the distraction is of the Self. If we study the distraction we end up in concentration.

If we can discover all selves or distracting elements we attain concentration.

Learning to focus the consciousness in action requires a lot of practice, since the sense of psychological self-observation is atrophied in almost all human beings, and through this sense, consciousness is focused on the action.

Master Jesus taught us that we must Watch and Pray.

To watch is doing things awake in vigil, in self-observation. Or concentrated.

Pray is the desire to be or Remembering of oneself. And this is the same as relaxing. Beg to the Divine Mother to eliminate the defect that prevents us from concentrating.

How can we practice concentration:

● In an effort to do thing by thing.
● Without thinking about anything else.
● Without interrupting one thing to do another.
● Do not think about things that you are going to do.
● Do not remembering things that have already been made.
● Staying focused on what we do.

If we carefully observe the many activities of our daily life we realize that each of them is done mechanically, because when we execute them we are thinking about other things. That very fact prevents us from being focused also prevents us from seeing all selves that manifest.

We woke up, we incorporate, we walked to the bathroom, we undressed, shaved, showered, dried off, dressed, we fit, we tend bed, we breakfast, brush our teeth, we say goodbye, we went outside, etc. But we do not observe ourselves from moment to moment, which means we have the consciousness asleep from lack of use. We do things asleep. And because of it there is no self-discovery.

If we begin to observe ourselves we will discover each of the selves involved in every action, acting mechanically committing mistakes, we stress, worries arise, distract, impede concentration.

When we started to observe all this we realize directly the chaos in which we live. And we can only sort through permanent relaxation.

What is relaxation?

When we become aware of any defect that is causing tension in any part of the machine we must necessarily relax to avoid depleting energy unnecessarily. And this is done with an appeal to our Divine Mother as well: “Mother of mine kill me that self.”

What causes stress?

● Wishes.
● Emotions.
● Psychological song.
● Wrong psychological states.
● Thoughts.
● Concerns.
● Internal talks.
● Fight between the different selves.

If we pray right now to our particular Divine Mother to eliminate the defect that is causing tension in this or that center immediately we notice that she acts, relaxing the place in which we have found the self.

It is necessary to understand why we’re tight for the Mother to act.

Stresses occur for many reasons:

● We do something we do not like.
● We are afraid that something is badly done.
● We want to do something we like more.
● What we will do later has us worried.
● What we did before was not good.
● What we did before was very well.
● We do not know to do what we are doing.
● We are concerned about something that we’ll have to do.
● We are distracted by something.

How do we know that we are relaxed?

It happens when all tension is gone and our psychology has normalized. We feel good. We can focus on what we do.

Concentration and Relaxation: Watch and Pray.

1 – Conjuration of Belilin and Magic Circle.
2 – Plea for assistance to the Father and the Divine Mother.
3 – Relaxation, noting that the entire body is comfortable.
4 – We focus on the heart to listen and observe the inner world.
5 – Every little detail we observed we start begging to Mother that disintegrate it.
6 – Can be made up until achieved the perfect concentration