Different Types of Lustful Selves

Let’s see this issue that is important for the work of Alchemy, it is definite what we see today and what you are studying. Undoubtedly, Chastity is the exact opposite of lust, the opposite, the complete opposite to the development of lust. The love triangle is supported by: chastity, faithfulness and love.Love Triangle

Whenever a person goes to work in the sex you have to be perfectly balanced this triangle, as these three forces are acting from moment to moment. If a person forgets love fails in sex. If a person forgets Fidelity fails, if you forget Chastity you fail. Each of these three forces will depend on the three primary forces:

CHASTITY is directly related with the Holy Spirit, with sex and with no fornication.
FIDELITY is related to the faithful of the balance, with the Son, with justice.
LOVE is related to the Father.

The three forces must be in unison in sex work. If you are lacking in any of these three forces in sex it is very difficult for someone to progress.
Let’s talk about the fire. Fire has two aspects: one aspect that is given by the KUNDALINI and another aspect is the KUNDABUFFER. These two are totally opposite.
The word Kundalini refers to fire rising victorious by the spinal cord. Kundabuffer means fire down to the atomic infernos of Humanoid.
We know that the Sexual creative energy creates, its function is to create: with an ovum and a sperm reproduce the species. Other sperm involved in copulation also create: psychological aggregates. When the seed was spilled all selves or psychological defects were created.
There are three types of sexology:

• The Supra-sex: Regeneration, sex of the Gods. Creation of the Children of Light.
• The normal Sex: Generation. Reproduction of the species.
• The Infra-sex: Degeneration. Reproduction of the Ego.

Let’s see some of the lust Selves:

Lust chart english-1Lust chart english-2Lust chart english-3The regeneration process begins with the disintegration of the defects that we know we have. Previous selves prevent reach chastity, faithfulness and love.
To the extent that we study these selves comprising the mistakes we made and go perfecting sex practices. Also we achieve greater sexual potency. As all these selves are from the infrasexuality, When we go deleting we can reach normal sexuality and suprasexuality.
In alchemy this process is called “whitening brass”.