This conference aims to show the precise purpose of the existence on the planet.


Spark is vomited from Absolute Sun as a unit and must return there as a unit. To be able to work, immediately is sprout from the Absolute, it has to unfold or split in two. It is the Monad itself. This Monad is: the DUALITY.


The Holy Affirmation unfolds in the Holy Negation:

Atman             Buddhi Duality
YES                   NO
Positive          Negative
BEING              NOT-BEING

White unfolds in the black, the high in the low, fat in the skinny, joy and sorrow, triumph and defeat. Everything, absolutely everything is with the duality. One exists in terms of the other.

The Holy Affirmation unfolds in the Holy Negation to be able to create. Each needs the other, men need women; phallus needs of yoni, etc., etc.

The YES is the positive part, affirmative, the male part. The YES we see it even in a simple vertical movement of the head. It is acceptation.

The NO also we see it, in the horizontal movement, and is denial. The YES and NO form the Cross. The YES is the male part, the active; NO is the female part, is the passive.


To be unfolded the two forces the third appears: The Holy Conciliation. Let’s see:

Affirmation                  Denial                   Conciliation             Trinity
Father                            Child                      Holy Spirit
Positive                         Negative              Neutral
Wisdom                        Justice                   Power
Real                                Fair                         Helpful

The Holy Affirmation, the Father, splits on the Son or Holy Negation, and between the two appears the Holy Conciliation, the creative energy of the Holy Spirit, the Mother. The Father is YES, the Wisdom. If we learn to make the Wisdom of Not we start to Create.

Who is NO?: The psychological trainer, Lucifer; He manages the balance. If we defeat him, he will give us the wisdom or light and fire or love. If we allow to be defeated by him we’ll overcome his slaves. He is the Desire in every human being. And being desire is the Self of each of us.

In each of our desires its hidden the fire, and is hidden the Light, the Wisdom. If we want to triumph we have to beat the devil.

Father says: “No one comes to me but through the Son”. The Son is Justice. Whoever wants Wisdom has to overcome desire, because there is only Wisdom for who acquire possession of the fire, For which has defeated the Devil.

If we want to defeat Lucifer we must study the object of desire. When you study the object of desire finds it seeks:1

● BEING or

Let’s see now:
● The Father is Wisdom and Truth.
● The Son is Justice.
● The Holy Spirit is the Power, is the useful.

Therefore, we must learn to live awake from moment to moment. For everything that we will do we must ask:

● Is this true?
● Is it fair?
● Is it useful?

If we use this technique to get something very important, we will see that that is the secret to rule the Quaternary.


The Quaternary is represented by a perfect square with four right angles, which invite us to reflect a little. These four right angles are closely related to the three functions of the soul that deplete our energies:

Do: Words – Works.

Applying Righteousness in these functions will achieve: the right feeling, right thinking, right speech and right action:

Right feeling:
I observe in the emotional center negative emotion and say: This feeling is not of my Being, is from a self and has to die.

Right thinking:
I observe what I’m thinking and say: This thought is not of my Being, is from a self and must die.

The Straight Talk: We never reflect that the words are creative energy of
the Holy Spirit, and in they is all his power locked up.

I observe that a self wants to talk and I not let him express. I ask to Mother to delete it.

The right action: This I will do is it useful? If it is not, I do not and I’m saving my energy. If the self insist I ask Mother to eliminate it.

If we apply Trinity in these four points as result will appear energy savings or balance of the centers, allowing us to crystallize the QUINARY.


The Quinary is symbolized by a five-pointed star. That five-pointed star is the True Man. We are not men, we feel men but we are not.

To be Men we must have created five bodies, which give us terrifying powers and that become us completely different to what we are. But those five bodies are created in the forge of the Cyclops, in sex, with the creative energy of the Holy Spirit. They are created on our spine.

This work is called GENESIS, create oneself. Born of Water and Fire. It is the FIRST MOUNTAIN or birth mountain.

The five bodies to be created are:

● The Physical Solar Body.
● The Vital Solar Body.
● The Astral Solar Body.
● The Mental Solar Body.
● The Body of the Solar Will.

A man has to be willing, if do not have it then is not a man.
Quinary Star

Are Men the women and male who acquire these five bodies. Are not men who have a phallus, as commonly believed by everyone, but anyone who has worked with Mercury, with his energies, saving them in the Quaternary and investing them in the Creation of the Bodies. This way becomes a man.

Hence the words of the Master Jesus. When the disciples asked him what he did with the Magdalene, He said, “Let me I will make her a man.” That’s the secret: both men and women can do the same work, in the same existence; all that is needed is to transmute the Sexual creative energy to create the five bodies.

To be able to become men we must learn to SAVE energy. That energy is given by the Divine Mother, every night, the one hundred percent of power. Every day when we wake up we have it. Then, Is up to us the good use or misuse that we give to it.

Who learn to save can learn to create the Five Bodies of the Being in the practice
of Sexual transmutation, and will become a Man.

That man is: the Human Soul. men and women who aspire to go to Paradise must have the human soul. They have to arrive with her; without Human Soul no one can enter there.

We all walked out through the door of Sex and we have to re-enter through the same door, creating the existential bodies of the Being.

If we achieve all these five bodies we’ll have the right to Choose Way. There are two paths: a path will lead us directly to the unit. And there’s another way that distracts us and takes us out of the esoteric work; although we will continue immersed in the esotericism, it takes us out of esoteric work :

● A path is called: Nirvana Road or of the Spiral.
● The other is called Direct Path. It is the path of the Christ.

There are only these two ways. If a person decides to follow the path of the Christ begins to take the step called SENARY.


After having climbed the fire to the larynx, it should be up to the eyebrows:

So that decided by the Direct Path he will take his fire to the eyebrows, and there is a star that shines: the Six Pointed Star, formed by two intersecting triangles. One is the Divine Soul that go down, and the other is the Human Soul that rises.

At this step, for all who have that six-pointed star on his forehead, are known as celebrating the perfect marriage. The Initiate has the Star of David, the Star of Bethlehem, the six-pointed Star that lights the Christmas tree, which entitles you to participate in the Christmas of Heart. Only daring men who dared to take the Direct Path entitled to star of Compostela, that this star is developed in his frown, on his forehead, and get known that this person has carried out the SENARY.

The purpose is to truly reach to God. And to truly reach God we have to take the right steps, you cannot divert the road. When already reached this point, all that make this perfect marriage are entitled to SEPTENARY.Perfect Matrimony Star


The Septenary is the Seven Pointed Star. Is the Super-man, is the Christ.Septenary

The Christ is the Son of Man. If we do not make us Men there will be no Christ.

Undoubtedly, get until Christmas of Heart is the most important event in the history of the Man. Nothing would be worth one to have celebrated thousands of Christmas if not held its own Christmas once. Then, this event of celebrating Christmas of Heart, the advent of the Christic fire, is the Principle of one’s Apocalypse.

This is saying something very important in one: the beginning of the SECOND MOUNTAIN. The Mountain of Death.

I.N.R.I .: Ignis Natura Renovatur Integram. The fire completely renews the nature.

The Christ is Love, the Fire that has to renew our whole nature. So the advent of that flame within us transforms us radically. The birth of the Christ results in the process of the Apocalypse.

What does mean Apocalypse? It’s the end by Fire, but what fire? For the Sacred Fire, which should be turn in our spine, the Kundalini, which in turn will make shine the seven churches that everyone has along the column.

That fire will climb Church by Church until complete the Seven, and carry out the death and resurrection, directly to us. Because only that Fire resurrects, only that Fire gives us life, and leads us to the Second Birth.

With the Death we kill the death for eternity. This means that when happens the death of the Causal-Selves, or the same error causes, all our sparks are free, and with this death it leads to the resurrection.


It is symbolized by the meeting of two perfect squares, the eight-pointed star.

This Octonary or eight-pointed star is showing us the third work, the work of the THIRD MOUNTAIN.

It is a job that makes all who have managed to become resurrected. It is the job of looking for a disciple and take upon to carry him until the gates of the Second Mountain, is the work of Sacrifice for Humanity.
Octonary Star

In the Septenary we achieved 99% of Consciousness. In the Octonary we will conquer the remaining 1% of Consciousness, To have one hundred percent of Conscience. Light Bodies will be created. And a disciple who started the Second Mountain will be sought.

That’s the job, and is a work dedicated to Sacrifice for Humanity, is called “the Third Mountain”. For some it will be very easy to do, because they have their disciple advanced, but others will have to start doing it. That work can last centuries or millions of years. Here the Eagle began to swallow the Serpent.

So there we have the Octonary or eight-pointed star. Now comes the final two steps: the NOVENARY and the DENARIUS.


In the Novenary they will have to merge the forces of Christ, of the Lucifer and the Holy Spirit into a single force: the Spirit.

In the Novenary comes that what it’s called the Purgatory. When forces are going to merge forming the “O” of God Mother, built by the Holy Spirit, the Lucifer and the Christ. The Fire, the Three Principles of Love. They have to be prepared and purified.

But look what they say there: “The place where arrive the unfortunate that reached those heights.” And they call them unfortunate why. For the terrible anxiety they have, For the next step to be given. They are a tiny little step to enter the Absolute, that is to complete the TEN.
Novenary Star

In the Novenary the Father is still out, and they’re waiting for the Light, Wisdom of the Father, to penetrate them and remain converted in Perfect Multiple Unit.

In Purgatory is terminated or is killed the mechanicalness of the Lap, the mechanical part should end there.

If we got to this point now it is only a matter of waiting, because the Father will penetrate and will remain this that is the Absolute Man. A New Sun will be created.


The denarius is complete when the two forces are complementary: the “I”, or Wisdom, and the “O” or the Father-Mother Love..

When wisdom penetrates in the Spirit it becomes an Absolute Man. Lap is over, has achieved the integration of the Being. Another Perfect Multiple Unit, It has Self-fulfilled a new Being in the Absolute.
God father-mother