Ego, Personality and Essence

This conference aims to teach us to differentiate the activity of each of these, to learn to observe and distinguish each of our actions. When it is manifesting the ego, when the consciousness and when the personality.

There are three types of acts:

1- Acts of the Ego or recurrences (for not being in vigil). They happen again with its consequences.
2- Accidents (for being asleep). These cause new recurrences.
3- Conscious Acts (for which we must be awaken).


Different names that receives the Ego:

● Selves
● Psychological Aggregates
● Defects
● Errors
● Temptations
● Wish
● Instincts
● Ways to be of the myself
● Sins
● Red Demons of Seth
● Devils
● Ignorance
● Inner darkness
● Suffering
● Injustice
● Pain
● Remembrance
● Trapped Consciousness
● Mistake
● Mechanical Memory
● Concepts

Some aspects of the psychological self

Psychological selves are born from non-transformed impressions on any of our existences. They will start fattening with the passing of the centuries, they manifest for the lack of self-observation or vigil. The psychological self have a molecular nature. Therefore it belongs to the fifth dimension, but it can take control of our personality and through it of our physical body. Each self has its own personality.

The new selves or newly created

During the last existences we have created many selves that we did not have before. Examples: Self of the telephone, cellphone, tv-viewer, driver, reader, filmmaker, citizen, pornography, DVD, etc.

There are very old psychological selves

For example: the self of laziness, who is the father of all. Let’s see some details of laziness: leisured self, party self, funny self, boredom, self of degenerate, wayward self, self of antipathy, etc.

The Self Evolves

There are lustful selves. It is a very extensive family, let’s look some: fornicator self, adultery self, go to the brothel self, conqueror self, masturbation self, anal sex self, homosexual passive self, active homosexual self, self-homosexual self, bestiality self, lesbian seIf, incest self, celibate self, oral sex self, zoophilic self, fellatio self, etc. These selves in each existence increase their molecular weight and make it’s manifestation force to become higher, if we don’t work upon them.

All the selves can be eliminated

To delete a psychological self, it is necessary to be in vigil to be able to discover it, then watch what he does, why he does it, when it does, etc. Then understand it and finally kill it asking the Divine Mother to delete it.  This procedure is called psychological death. If we do NOT work on ourselves, the selves will die in the Involution.
The Psychological self takes over the physical body and makes us do what he likes. He makes us to commit many mistakes, depletes our energy, and impedes any progress towards our Being.

The Self originates the Recurrence

Each self brings debts for charge and pay, if we don’t work to comprehend it, we will continue to repeat the lesson until we apprehend everything that is needed to apprehend.

The Self is desire

All our selves manifest as desires: I want to drink, I want to dance, I want to copulate, I want to eat, I want to talk, I want to have fun, etc., etc., etc.

Consciousness process - Ego, Personality and Essence


Personality is an energy vehicle. It is formed in the first seven years of life and is strengthened in the rest of existence. Is born in time, and dies in the time. There is no future for the personality. It is formed in each existence for selves to manifest in the physical body.

With every physical body is formed its own personality.
Personality is made up of many fractions, each self have it’s own. The personality is form of imitation.
Personality fascinates us with the world. Personality has mesmerized us.

Some forming elements of Personality:

● Name – Surname – Gender – Age – Education – Financial Position – Location -Language – Concepts – Habits – Fashion – Customs – Standards – Fears – Laws of the Country – Job – Career – Titles

Personality types – There are two types of personality:
● The passive personality, serving the being. It is receptive.
● The active Personality in the service of self. Keeps us identified.


Essence is the true, the real, the immortal of each of us, that’s all that really worth it. One hundred percent of our Essence is immortal, but is divided into two parts, one that is free and self-conscious, with 3% of awakened consciousness and freedom. And the remaining 97% of Essence is innocent and catchable, with the purpose that we liberate it and make our own creation, to bring the wisdom of evil. The 3% of Essence is manifested in the first years of existence, but arrived at seven, when we have the use of reason, it ends up sleeping, and only in a few cases will listen to the voice of conscience.

An example of action: A girl goes to the movies with her boyfriend, his mother tells her to be careful, do not screw up. The girl returns home and tells mom she was right, the groom proposed sex, but she acted consciously. When he proposed, consciously she said no.

But look what really happened:
The lust self told her to accept.
The personality is different, thinks that may be pregnant, that would ruin the life that has no guarantees, etc., etc.; was the personality which rejected the proposal and not the consciousness as she assumed.
Consciousness did not intervene at any time. Consciousness would have said: ‘This is not my partner, this is a stranger who just want to have fun. his woman is named … , etc., etc.

If we reflect on any of our actions we will realize what the actors are, what is leftover or what is missing. This theme dominates the observation of oneself, so we must become reflective and know to differentiate in every act the actor.