Exoterism, Pseudo-Esoterism and Esoterism

The objective of this conference is that the student learns how to distinguish an esoteric school from a pseudo-esoteric school. And that reaches to comprehend what is his position in the knowledge, and when he began the experiencing of the esoteric work.


It means exterior knowledge. This knowledge is received by means of books or courses in the external world, through the personality.
We all receive the knowledge in the physical world as exoteric knowledge. When we find the secret path in the external world, if it happens, because “Of one thousand who seek it, only one finds it” and rare are the lucky ones who find it, then two paths are opened:

• The Path of the Believer, who admits and believes in what he was told, but he doesn’t do anything to check for himself, he only accumulates knowledge (information).

• The path of Practical person, who experiences what he has been taught until to check and verify for himself. This enters in a Mesoteric stage, that will lead to him to the Esoteric Work, Here is fulfill the phrase  “Of one thousand who find it only one follows it”, because the most people that find it, take it as another knowledge for the intellect.


It means false inner knowledge. In all the cases it is received by the personality and, therefore, not by the consciousness.
Undoubtedly, in these times this type of knowledge has increased exorbitantly. Everywhere abound pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools. The merchandise of souls, books and theories is frightful; is rare, who among the cobweb of so many contradictories ideas, achieves to find the Secret Path.
It has never been so materialistic the world like is today, and yet so frivolous and cowardly psychist. The fortune-tellers, witches, hypnotists, mediums, spiritists, influentiators, sorcerers, healers, charlatans of all kinds, abound everywhere.
They are seen both in the slums and in the palaces, both publicly and secretly. It is believed in the absurd, in fanciful, and a rare collective madness runs from side to side the planet.
Certainly “the witches, sorcerers and black magicians abound like weeds;
however, those are not saints or prophets, nor adepts of the white brotherhood.
The most serious of all this the intellectual fascination; there is a tendency to nourish strictly in intellectual way, with everything that comes to mind.
The vagrants of the intellect no longer satisfied with all that literature of subjective and general type that abounds in book markets but now, and what is worse, they also stuff and indigest with the cheap pseudo-esotericism which is everywhere. The result of all this jargons is the manifest confusion and disorientation in the rascals of the intellect.
Really, the most important thing is to know oneself in all levels of the mind deeply.

How to Distinguishing Pseudo-Esoteric Schools:

• They charge for the Knowledge.

• They do not teach the three factors for the Revolution of the Consciousness.

• They say that all paths lead to Rome.

• They declare or insinuate that the esoteric knowledge can be learned from books. They are intellectuals.

• They give teachings of ineffable appearance, that do not lead anywhere.

• They give teachings that confuse.

•They teach so much things, elements that distract from Esoterism.

• They Mix forces.

• They Teach practices of the Black Lodge. They teach to awake powers. •They teach to handle candles, cards, crystals, pendulums, etc.

•They teach different ways of healing.

• They teach parapsychology, spiritism and mediumship.

• They teach witchcraft and manipulation of the Elementals.

• They teach Black Tantrism.

• They do not teach the chastity.

• They do not teach the truly die upon oneself.

• They do not teach that karma must be paid full at once, or that this can be negotiated, nor how to negotiate it.

• They do not teach to seek for the Self-Realization and that it has to be achieved in one existence.

• Many relate esotericism with the merchandise of perfumes, essences, talismans, candles, books, filters, minerals, concoctions, robes, etc. this has  nothing to do with the esoterism, but with this they deceive the ignorant people.

The main difference between a White Magician and Black Magician is the quality of his knowledge. When we read a book of a black magician,without knowing it, we are invoking him.
When one mix forces,the original force starts to get lost and at the same time a third force arises, which is destructive. The pseudo-esotericism handles the low psychism, putting in activity the Kundartiguador organ and makes us slowly lose the sincere desire of Self-realize ourselves. Little by little we are losing confidence in our own Being and we end up trusting in strange elements.


It means Inner Knowledge or occult knowledge. The true Esotericism seeks the knowledge of oneself, which can only be found in our inner world.
This knowledge is for the consciousness, it is not possible to get to this knowledge in any external place, behavior manual, books, nor center of studies at the exterior world. This knowledge is received in the inner worlds.
to the Esoteric Knowledge can be only reached through the Three factors of the Revolution of Consciousness, that are the only Three Objective works that need to be done: Psychological Death, Spiritual Birth and Conscious Sacrifice for the Humanity.
The objective of esoteric knowledge is not other than self-realization of the Being. The Esoteric Knowledge is received internally. To the extent that we liberate consciousness each released spark receives the knowledge according to his vocation.
When we received the Esoteric Knowledge on closed books it is knowledge exclusively for our Being. It cannot be revealed in the external world, for this reason one have to know how to keep silence; But if is received as an open book it can be revealed to our students.
Each being has his own knowledge. To the extent that the consciousness awakes, and gets in harmony with nature, we start to be given the wisdom that we had a long time ago.

The practical person is checking by means of the three factors and the different learned practices.
He does his initiations of Major Mysteries until finishing the first Mountain.

When he starts the Second Mountain there is a hope that he can reach the Esoteric Knowledge; when he is going through the process of the Resurrection enters as an adept the Esoteric School to the Esoteric School of his Ray. When he has integrated the three forces in one, fused with his Father, he becomes a true Esoterist. At that moment he reaches the first step of the Universal Wisdom.

The majority of the students commit the mistake of feeling Esotericists when they have only listened to the conferences. Feeling as an initiated without having started to practice supra-sex, Feeling saint without having eliminated the first “self”, Feeling practical without having started to practice. All this because of the false feeling of the “self”.