Explanations on the Family and Attachments

The objectives of this conference are:
● Understand what is family and misconceptions that we have about it.
● See the value it has in the esoteric work.
● The problems arising in the development of esoteric work.
● The stagnation and conflicts generated by the attachment.

We have three families:

1- The first kind of family is related to the outside world, where we find our physical body and personality. Physical Family: father, mother, brothers, wife, sons, uncles, cousins, grandparents, grandchildren, etc.
2- A second family related to Soul or Mind or Energy. This part of the soul is what we call our inner world. Psychological Family: all our Ego or ways of being of oneself, 97% of Essence or Consciousness trapped.
3- The third family is related to the Spirit or Consciousness, it is the part that we call our inner world inside. The Real Family: 3% Free Consciousness, all which we go adding that we rescue form the psychological prison. Each of these psychological elements that we have has a real and true part that is trapped inside.

Let’s analyze the physical family:

● Undoubtedly, we all need the physical body to exist and do the work.
● Everyone has the right to have 108 human physical bodies (Law of Return).
● This means that we must be born 108 times. Therefore, we will have 108 mothers and 108 fathers.
● It also means that we must pay the various bodies that have given to us (Laws of Return and Recurrence).
● The human being is helpless at birth, so we need to have a mother who care for us, until we are able to defend for ourselves.
● A people born from the same mother call them brothers and sisters.
● Which of all the 108 mothers who we have had is true? Which of the 108 fathers who we have had is the true? What of all the thousands of brothers who we have had are true?
● We return in the seed of our descendants.
● For the reproduction of the species is necessary to get a couple.
● The creation of the existential bodies of the Being will be made on sex and for that we must have a stable partner.
● Therefore we see the importance of having a physical family.
● The wife is a sister who is helping us, and we to her.
● Children are brothers who committed ourselves to help them out.
● We see people on the street as foreign because they didn’t were born in our house. We do not understand that they are our brothers. Does our home is not the planet Earth?
● The attachments will not let us understand that all human beings are brothers and sisters and there is no other link or title.

Let’s analyze the psychological family:

The inner family is composed of elements called selves, which handle the different energies of the centers of the machine. This inner family was formed by the misuse of the Sexual Creative Energy.
All untransformed impressions, for lack of concentration, creates more psychological defects; Later, with the passage of time, we have created a legion.
There are selves of all models but each has its own percentage of sparks or trapped essence, formed for the totality of energy absorbed throughout its existence. This happens every time you feed the defect. The sum of these is our psychological family or inner world.
All defects are synthesized in the Seven Causal Selves: Sloth, Greed, Lust, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony and Envy.
As the poet of Mantua said, even if we had a steel palate and a thousand tongues would not manage to fully describe.
These defects are all our vices, desires, mistakes, sufferings, pleasures, reactions, etc. They are dearer to us than physical own children. Hence the attachment we have to them. You’re going to see, and verify, when you progress on the work of the psychological death.

Let’s analyze the Real Family:

We call it the true family because it will exist forever. Our being is made up of many parts, all them are splits of our Father:
● God as Father is our wisdom.
● God as Mother is our essence, our raw material, our creative power of the Holy Spirit, our love.
● God as Son symbolizes justice, the psychological trainer, the giver of light (Wisdom) and Fire (Love).
These three primary forces unfold within us in other three:
▪ Atman. The Intimate, the Ineffable, the Warrior.
▪ Budhi. Our Divine Soul, the Valkyrie.
▪ Manas. The Christ, the Word. The Will, Our Human Soul.
They are also:
▪ The Internal Christ.
▪ The Twelve Apostles.
▪ The Twenty-four Bakers elderly.
▪ Four of Barajas, etc., etc., etc.
To the extent that we work in the three factors, and the Revolution of Consciousness progresses, the integration of our being begins. We begin experiencing all these sparks, which are currently trapped in the legion, they are released and integrated to achieve the Sacred Individuality, since at the end all be one.

Let’s see the matter of Attachments:

What we are attached? Why do we believe to be attached is to be in love?
What our attachments are based?
As discussed in the Conference of Non-identification with things of everyday life, we can see that all attachments are rooted in the fear, that the devil masquerades as love through attachment.
The issue of attachment is terrible. Ends delaying and stalling the possibility of
Self-fulfill ourselves if we do not fully understand.
A male and a female get together and the first thing they want is a roof. Then they begin to fill it with furniture, then take root. Later come the children, property, goods, and thousands more of nonsense.
We stick to all amenities. We suffer at the thought of losing them, we think how our lives would be without it, we feel in things and people, we have become accustomed to them. We do not want to bother us. We feel that cost us a lot of work. We think that without them would be like going back. We are concerned about what people think, what they think, etc.
When have you seen a burial with fret, with moving?
We feel owners of the children, wife, husband, and this prevents us from seeing the reality of things. The transience of all things and circumstances of life.
The reality is that each of our children must learn to fend for himself. Each of them reach youth and initiate its own way. That our responsibility is to care for them until they develop and form their own homes.
But more interesting it is when a person learns to consciously unfold and discover that has no real physical family. There, he would forget that. And if gets asked: “Who are all sparks on the planet?” he would say that all are his sisters, because all are the same as him, the great family of the inhabitants of Planet Earth.
Then, with that consciousness, would say, well, then … who it is my mother?. She is a sister, someone who helped me to have my physical body, that owed it to me. – Who is my father? The same. – Who are my kids? People who I have to pay them something I owed them, and so on. I got a body before and now I give you a body, that simple.
When we start to look life like this we can begin to cause major changes in our psychology.
Study a little more this: When a person dies, after about three months, carry out the process of detachment from his family, and will forget all this. He stays living in his inner world. There he develops perfectly in the world of the Soul. If he is conscious he will continue living consciously. If he is asleep he will live hypnotized in that inner world, waiting to be given another physical body to return to Earth.
A serious problem in esotericism is given by the attachment. When you are working in the inner world you must go through testing. And the tests are won or lost. If you’re very attached tests are usually lose.
It is necessary to understand the conflict there is with family and attachments, have it very clear, well understood, to not stagnate at work.
When it comes, for example, to decision making of roads, the Direct Path or the Path of Nirvana, the serious conflict that is passed. Of one thousand (1,000) initiated, only one is decided by the direct route. Nine hundred ninety-nine (999) remaining will get this Path of Nirvana, by attachment to the Causal-Selves. Those selves will not let that one go by the direct path; they arm a mess, and cause us to choose the path of Nirvana.

But let’s look on the physical plane with the true esoteric worker. When a person is waking consciousness with the esoteric work begins to meet the Law Lords daily. That’s like being a lawyer, every day you have to go up two to three times the court, because karma is being negotiated. Karma is being paid of seven existences. There are crimes that are so serious and karmas so heavy that if they were to charge us we could not self-fulfill ourselves. So you need to be daily trading.

At one point the Master Anubis may appear and say, “look, this karma is coming to you, you have to negotiate it in such a way”. And one might reply, “Well, Let’s do that.” But no. I’ll put as example the case of one of our partner:

One night in the astral world, he encountered Anubis, who says, “Look, a karma of pride is coming to you and you have to suffer leprosy”. He replied: “Can I negotiate?”. “Yes, you will go to Brazil in two months to find a brother.”

The man came to the physical plane, scratched his head and thought: my wife, my children, my children’s school, my house, my property, my conference, my teammates, my comfort, my friends, my language, my silver, my income, etc. How I’m going to go there!

The truth of the matter is that he sought to Anubis and said: “I will not go, send me the leprosy”. Within two months the family took him to intern at Agua de Dios, he puts it there for fifteen years.

The man decided to pay with pain. Two months later he had no wife, no children, no car, no house, no farm. If he had gone to do his work would not have suffered so much, but his attachment to things sank him terribly.

Similar to this case are many. When the family outweighs the work there is no chance they can pass any test. It is important, therefore, that anyone who is trying to achieve self-fulfillment of the Being reflect and understand what is the real position of each thing.

All values that society has given the family repeated the structure of society itself. When humans were nomadic, and traveled all over the world, we moved, we were not seeded.

If we understand this we can do the job in one existence, we can move forward at the time when we have to make decisions.

There are four tests that make us constantly when we are in this work. They are the testing of: Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

No one would pass Air tests if have attachments. Whenever internally we are thrown into an abyss and scream, that scream is unequivocal sign of an attachment. Attachment to the physical body, attachment to this, attachment to that, to a child, to a thing, etc. And we do see internally by Masters throwing us from above. Then we feel the terror of losing and shout.

If we were aware that every time we buy more of a dressing for the house we divide and fractionate our love, and when we are seeking the self-fulfillment we are integrating love, we would not need to throw the house or get rid of it but to understand why we want it in the way that we want it. If we do it we won’t need to rid ourselves of the family.

The family is a must. But we have to know how far the duties and rights within the family to advance consciously in the integration of the Real Family and the disintegration of the psychological family.