Fanaticism And Mythomania

Both fanaticism as mythomania are two selves that its urgent to eliminate from our psychology to advance in the Job Objective.


The fan is the person who shows too much zeal for a belief. Fanaticism is a disease of the mind. Is to think that being believer of something is enough to be safe.

When Knowledge is received and its known what it has to be done two paths open: The way of the believer and the way of the practical 

The believer thinks that knowledge is enough, and from this day is dedicated to pretend that he is a saint. There is already the fanatic that will not let us make progress at all. We all have within us something called the false sense of the self. It will make us believe that we do very well and will not let us make progress.

First of all this knowledge is revolutionary and can only be achieved through works. In this way we advance only by deeds. If there is no psychological death then is no liberation of consciousness; if there is not sexual birth then there are no existential bodies; if there is no sacrifice for mankind then there is no Love or progress; if there is no practice then there is no check.

The practical understands and begins to show his works. This completely upset the fans, who moved by the defects of sloth and envy, they expect to self-fulfill without work.

Fanaticism does bury us, make us useless, mediocre forces, useless beings.

What we want is that each one revolutionize step forward as a true soldier on the battlefield, without fanaticism, together to see real results, made by each of us.

Fans are arranged as instructors and managers within groups, they trap people who come in search of liberation to put them on the path of the fanatic, and if they rebel, they seek ways to remove them from the groups.

This self don’t allow us to see that we have all the subjective elements alive, that we have not eliminated, that practice is what makes the master, that we have not created the existential bodies of the Being, to wake up and raise the Kundalini we must stop being traitors disguised of tame sheep, the work is to be done, and that the worst mistake is to believe and feel like a good person.

Let’s reflect a little about the details of the fans:

● Its not known the first fanatic who has overcome.
● This is because they dislike the practice.
● They do not like to check.
● They think that esotericism is blowing and making bottles.
● Are followers of people.
● They always want to have a teacher.
● They don’t follow themselves, are imitators.
● They live with the experiences of others.
● They say things that they are not aware, that others told them.
● They talk about the experiences of others without understanding.
● They do not like people who want to show works.
● They appear always criticizing his teammates.
● Fans begin to attack the practical to subtract strength.
● They are retardant elements within the groups, they originate in them entropy.
● They are the worst enemies of an organization.
● Seek within groups to be in positions where they seem to work.
● They are imitators and like to pretend they work.
● They teach to practice and they not practice.
● Talk about dying and they not die.
● Talk about birth and they not born.
● Being able to sacrifice more for humanity they do not; they satisfy with little.
● They believe that with they know they are safe.
● They believe that by reaching the knowledge they are already saved.
● They always believe that they are doing well.
● They believe they are better than everyone else.
● They consider the most knowledgeable because they have so many years in the knowledge.
● They follow to the letter the books, read a lot.
● Are documented with chapter and verse.
● They are very intellectual.
● They want to show they know a lot.
● They end always twisting the knowledge and their aims to serve mankind.
● They look at the others as if they were doomed because they not accept the knowledge.
● They want to turn knowledge into fanaticism.
● They want to turn the knowledge into a religion.
● They are lovers of rituals.
● A fanatic is a victim of the abyss because neither makes nor leaves to do. And when someone sets out to work, to do something, they are the first to be liked and point. Because they do not do anything nor want the others to do.
● They do not serve for good or for bad.
● They miserably waste their time in gatherings and cafés.
● Always repeat the same thing.
● They are always ready to start a controversy, are schismatics, they like to argue and debate.
● They say you have to enter the temples on the right foot because the left is negative. Negative is what they have within themselves.
● They claim that women cannot direct force chains because they are passive.
● They think they are prophets and say things that are not checked.
● They live talking about tragedies and disasters.
● They love to put fears.
● They have the apocalyptic self.
● They fall always pointing to other fans because they see the defect through the mirror.
● Do not listen to suggestions, are proud.
● They are like weeds, are everywhere.


The Mythomania is a strong tendency among people affiliated to various metaphysical schools. Apparently very simple subjects, overnight, after a few hallucinations, become mythomaniacs.

Unquestionably, such people of subjective psyches almost always manage to surprise many unwary, which in fact become his followers.

The mythomaniac is like a wall without foundations, a light push suffices to make him sediment.

The mythomaniac believes that occultism is like blowing and making bottles, and from one moment to another he declare himself as: Mahatma, Resurrected Master, Hierophant, etc.

The mythomaniac usually have impossible dreams, invariably suffers what is called delusions of grandeur.

That kind of characters are usually seen as reincarnations of Masters or fabulous, legendary and fictional heroes.

However, it is clear that we are placing emphasis on something that deserves to be explained. Egoic centers of animal subconsciousness, which in exchange relations follow certain mental groups, can cause through partnerships and fantastic reflexes something like spirits, who are almost invariably illusory forms, personifications of the pluralized self.

It is therefore not surprising that any psychic aggregate assume form jesuchristian to dictate false oracles. Any of these entities, which together constitute what is called the Ego, it can take the form of Mahatma or Guru if he wants. Then the dreamer, returning to the waking state, will tell of himself: “I’m self-fulfilled, I am a Master”.

It should see about that in anyway in the subconscious of every person is latent tendency to take sides, to the personification. This then is the classic reason that many Asian Gurujis before initiating their disciples in transcendental Magianism prevent them against all possible forms of self-deception.

Is not possible to awaken consciousness, totally objectify, without first removing the subjective elements of perceptions. Such sub-human elements are formed by all those multiple quarrelsome and screaming selves that together constitute the ego, the Myself.

The essence, bottled among all these subjective, incoherent entities, sleeps soundly. The annihilation of each of these subhuman entities is indispensable to release the scent. Only emancipating the essence awakening is achieved, then becomes his enlightenment.

I think that the honest mistaken, the asleep dreaming awake, the mythomaniac who believe himself as super-transcended, the hallucinating that qualifies as enlightened, truly can and often do humanity a lot more damage than one that ever in his life he has entered into our studies.

We’re talking in very strong language; however, you can be sure dear reader that many asleep, amazed, as they read these lines instead of stopping a moment to reflect, correct and rectify, they will look just a way of appropriating my words with the evident purpose of documenting their follies.

The worst kind of madness is a combination of mythomania with hallucination. This kind of subjects when study this chapter will accommodate my words to others and think of themselves they already dissolved the Ego, although having it more robust than a gorilla.

We have seen very bad things; it is frightening to see the mythomaniacs, the asleep hallucinated prophesying madness, slandering others, calling others black magicians, etc.

From here they came out to found new pseudo-esoteric schools, they shine like fatuous lights and eventually shut down, leaving confused and disoriented his followers, establishing the self pseudo-occultist within his psyche, as same with the recurrence.