Law of Octaves and Law of Entropy


Today we will examine this law and its opposite, the entropy, which govern all nature. How to know them and how they could be used to achieve our goal of self-fulfillment in one existence.

Octave law teaches us to ascend, shows us where we get stuck, why and how to continue climbing to the finish line, how the laws of force work, etc.

Two Paths

The law of octaves or the Sound Current or Current of Life, are the same.

If we observe the musical scale: DO – RE – MI – FA – SOL – LA – SI we see the seven musical notes. To go from a lower DO to a higher DO is necessary to rise one more octave.

Sound Current

At this scale we will call the Stream of Life, in which all human beings are directly involved, as well as submitted to her. As you begin to sing a musical scale, DO – RE – MI, when we reach to MI we find the first break, between MI and FA notes. Then we see that the following three notes: FA – SOL – LA go together, but when we reach to LA we found the second pause, between LA and SI.

Turning to note SI we see that this is independent, and we will find the Third Pause, between SI and the Superior Do. This implies that we will find three breaks in a musical scale. The same applies to all events of one’s life.

The First Shock is given at birth. At birth and inhale the first breath, when the spark enters the new body, we are entitled to musical notes DO, RE and MI. These correspond to the physical body, vital body and the principle of Soul (given by the note MI), accompanied by a personality with which we will live in the physical world.

We are born, we grow, we reproduce, grow old and die without any real purpose. In this it is all humanity until not finding something that allows to overcoming this First Break.

From the moment when arrive to the MI, or continues to rise or return to the starting point. In the latter case, the law of entropy will equal us to the cemetery and we will have to return over and over again until deplete all the 108 physical bodies we have by law.

Here we find the so-called Third Day Men, viewed in light of Genesis, fascinated by the existence hypnotized without even knowing the reason for their existence.

The Second Shock. If someone gives us the knowledge our existence will have a reason for being “of one thousand who seek me one finds me.”

Once we received the Knowledge two roads open: the practice and continue to move forward or not practice and become it a belief.

“Out of a thousand who find me, one follows me”. Once we received the knowledge we shall start creating in the Sex, with Sexual creative energy, the Solar Bodies to advance through musical notes FA, SOL, LA. This implies the creation of the Astral, Mental and Causal solar bodies, or to do the First Mountain and become men of the sixth day, according to Genesis. Men made in the image and likeness of God, the True Men.

But still it is not a God. It is necessary to overcome the Second Break. Third Shock must be given to conquer the musical note SI and this will involve death on oneself or to do the Second Mountain. “Out of a thousand who follow me one is mine.”

However, we still need to overcome the Third Break. For this it is necessary to conquer the Superior DO, achieve the Second Birth, the Resurrection, and cannot resuscitate without dying. This is the death of the Cause Selves, which have to happen to be born in the Spirit World (Fourth Shock). This implies to end the Second Mountain and start the Third Mountain.

When the person can move from this inferior DO to this Superior DO is said to have achieved to BORN for a second time. That birth of fund would be to become resurrected. The alternative is open to all human beings, but it is absolutely necessary to know how to work and how to apply the three factors of the Revolution of Consciousness:

Born: First Mountain. Creation of bodies, water recovery, Genesis.
Die: Second Mountain. Elimination of defects, Revelations.
Sacrifice for Humanity: Third Mountain. Getting a Disciple


It’s also called “Matching law”.

Example: If we put a pot of hot water next to another full of cold water we see how the entropy is precipitated, there is an exchange of heat and cold. Finally both are equal.

Millions of people are stuck in the path of entropy; as they don’t work on themselves every day become more stupid, the mind becomes atrophied them, the human machine centers are increasingly degenerate, not all the brain organs no longer work, and finally comes a day where Law of Entropy sacrifices everyone in the Tartarus.

haven’t noticed how the law of entropy sacrifices people? They can bury one in a gold coffin and another in a wooden coffin, and however beautiful the burial, eventually both remain equally bony.

All things are marked under the Law of Entropy, it is found in everything. The seas turned into landfills, polluted rivers, dying fishes. Atmosphere polluted by smog. The fruits of the earth adulterated. That is the Law of Entropy.

Only by transformation it’s possible to overcome the law of entropy, and transformation includes sacrifice, that’s obvious.

For example: if one sacrifices the sexual desire, the force that through another force crystallizes his powers in us, creates the existential bodies of the Being; if one sacrifices anger then the precious gem of meekness appears; if one sacrificed lust for money, greed unbearable, will born the altruism; if one sacrifices envy then will manifest philanthropic energy, desire to work for the others, the joy of the good of others; that is, there can be no change without sacrifice.

Also for the man who sacrifices his sexual urges, the result of that energy is the creation of the existential bodies of the Being.

If egos are sacrificed if all are destroyed, the result of that sacrifice is the energy released, which give rise to Deep inside Man. Then, he escapes of the degenerating entropy.

People do not really want to sacrifice, they does not understand what the sacrifice is.

It is clear, it can start by sacrificing their feelings; I assure you that people are willing to sacrifice their pleasures, even their vices and money, all they would sacrifice, but not their suffering and pain, they love them very much.

If you start by sacrificing feelings you can take a big step, overcome the Law of Entropy.

Who among you are willing to sacrifice their feelings, to sacrifice for humanity? It’s good to sacrifice for humanity. Actually, we do not sacrifice us to behave badly.

We should not think of suffering ever. People base their experiences in their suffering, on what happened in bitterness, they enjoy remembering, they said: “I went through such and such things in the street to be what I am”. They feel important reminding them.

Sacrifice their suffering, eradicate from themselves the selves that produced them and suffering become sacrificed, because the self of sufferings have to be eradicated. That energy that is there is transformation, as they born in a different man and defeats the entropy Law.