The Law of Karma is an universal Law, charged by The Objective Justice. The Law of Karma is also known by the following names:

1- Law of Recurrence (everything occurs again, with its consequences).
2- Law of Talion (An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth).
3- Law of Cause and Effect (it doesn’t exist an effect without a cause or cause without effect).
4- Law of Equality (What is given is received).

When we reflect on something, we learn about it.  When we do certain things we do not see them as bad as when someone does the same to us. Therefore we say that the Law of Karma is the fundament of this school and of all the learning. Reflecting about what is returning to us will finally make us to comprehend.

What is karma?

Karma is what we owe or what we have to pay for the bad deeds we do when we let the selves act instead of Consciousness. We are given time to pay the Karma but, “there is no time that does not pass and no debt that is not paid”.

We owe Karma of seven (7) existences, and the day we decide to work towards the self-realization, we have to pay it all in a single existence.

What is Dharma?

The Dharma is the cosmic money that we receive for each good or conscious deed we do. This cosmic money is received in a small jar, which is at the Court of Karma, where all beings pay us immediately for the conscious deeds we do. All that cosmic money is daily transferred to the Bank of Dharma. Unlike the Karma, we can store Dharma from many existences , and because of our lack of awareness we don’t know how to use it.

What is the court of Karma?

The Court of Objective Justice is formed by multiple places where the Divine law is processed. At each level of consciousness we find different courts, for example:

At the world of 48 laws we find Anubis and his 42 Judges, who manage
the 48 laws of the physical world, represented on each one of the cells of the human body in the forty-eight (48) chromosomes.

At each one of the centers of the human machine we find Courts of Justice that manage the laws of each dimension.

At the sexual center, for instance, we find the Great Court. There we can see how each one of our selves is eliminated, and how the freedom of the consciousness of each one of them is negotiated, and the commitments that each one of our sparks acquire. We can also see there the commitment capability of each Being.

What produces Karma?

Karma is produced by actions, words and omissions. But we must see that our thoughts and feelings originate our actions and words.

Kinds of Karma:

– Individual Karma: Karma of each person.
– Family Karma:  Karma of a family (Linked people with debts to each other)
– Collective Karma: Group of people affected by the same debt (accidents, attacks)
– Regional Karma: Karma of a particular geographic region (droughts, endemic, etc.)
– National Karma: Karma of any country (civil wars, dictatorships, etc.)
– Continental Karma: Karma of any continents (Africa, America, etc.)
– World Karma: Karma of all humanity (a world war, a global epidemic, etc)
– The Planetary Karma: Karma of a Planet (environmental transformations, collision of comet, etc.)
– Karma Saya: Astral ties between men and women because of sexual coitus.
– Karma Yoga: Loss of the partner when is needed the most (caused by Karma Saya)
– Karma Duro (Hard Karma): Debt due to crimes against the Holy Spirit (Pain and diseases)
– Karma Katancia: Karma of the Gods for their mistakes

Ways to pay karma:

There are five ways to pay karma for people who have the Objective Knowledge:
1 -With Cosmic money or Dharma (the one that we have and the one that we can earn).
2 – With Negotiable Pain (We never negotiate it, but we could do it).
3 – With Not Negotiable Pain (Due to crimes against the Holy Spirit, that cannot be negotiated).
4 – With Charity (the Lion of the Law is dominated with Charity, helping others).
5 – With Objective negotiations with the Law (Committing ourselves).


Ask the inner Father for him to be who transfers funds from bank of Dharma to the Bank of Karma.

1- Standing with your feet together, arms are lifted horizontally forming a cross with the trunk. With the palms of the hands facing up.. Practice of Transfer of Funds - Laws of Karma and Dharma


2- The right arm rises  to 45 degrees, at the same time the left arm lowers to 45 degrees.

3- Then the left arm rises 45 degrees and the right arm lowers 45 degrees. Throughout this process is pronounced the mantra NI lengthened (NIIIIIII…)

4-finally when you are still chanting this mantra your arms must finish at the initial horizontal position.

● Then air is taken and is repeated the same procedure and the same movements with the mantras NE, NO, NU and NA (in this strict order).
● This procedure is repeated eight (8) times more.
● To finish the practice, cross the arms above the chest, the right arm over the left arm and chant the mantram TORN, lengthening each letter (TOOOOORRRRRNNNNN).

Each mantra is chanted focused on the following points:

NI: Between the eyebrows
NE: At the larynx
NO: At the heart
NU: At the navel
NA: At the lower abdomen (between the pelvis and the navel)


Business with the Law - Laws of Karma and DharmaBusiness with the Law 2 - Laws of Karma and Dharma

1- The practitioner will be lying face up with the arms open forming a cross and feet together. In this position ask your father like this: “Father of mine, Lord of mine, God of mine. I beg you if it’s your will you go to the Heart Temple of Divine Justice. Once there, negotiate with Anubis and his 42 Judges to ……..(Propose the negotiation). Example: “To receive strength to work the mystical birth, the psychological death and the sacrifice for the Humanity or any negotiation that you want to propose”

2- Then we get up the trunk, remain seated keeping the feet together, the arms opened forming cross and repeat the petition again.

3, 4, 5, 6 -This way we went down and up successively until completing six (6) times.

● Finally we thank our inner Father and ask him to permit us to remember the outcome of the negotiation.

Note: One can propose how to pay and in any case must comply. These two practices must be done every day.