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This small library collects books of Master Samael Aun Weor, and work of Master Rabolu, we recommend to study them carefully.

Aun Weor was born in Colombia on March 3, 1917, His great spiritual concerns led to extensive research in the field of psychology, science, practical esotericism, alchemy, early christianity and all religions and initiation schools of the planet in the history of each race, His work recovers the practical essence of knowledge, teaching us that except for the symbolic differences, all religions and mystery schools (in its pure and primitive part) had taught and practiced essentially the same knowledge.

In addition to his exemplary life, his doctrine was printed in more than one hundred works translated into different languages; teachings which are synthesized in five main books he recommended. Of all his books he noted that only these five are accurate and necessary for anyone who really wants to delve into their inner world through direct verification, it’s an essential requirement to”go beyond the simple literal interpretation, of intellectual nature” So whom does not put this knowledge into practice will always fail to understand.

He founded the Universal Christian Gnostic Movement of Colombia, in the year of 1960, whose principles are practiced today in over forty countries worldwide. He disincarnated in Mexico City on December 24, 1977, having dedicated his life selflessly for the sake of mankind.

He achieved his objectives accomplishing to leave this teaching to all mankind and as head V.M. Rabolu, whom in person was Joachim E. Amórtegui Valbuena, who reads as follows: “The VM Rabolú, as judge of Karma, has absolute power to establish order wherever it becomes necessary. Undoubtedly, V. M. Rabolú must tear down many idols of clay and correct many mistakes.

The books recommended from V.M. Samael are the following:

The books recommended from V.M. Rabolu are the following:

  • Synthesis of the Three Mountains
  • Orienting the Disciple
  • The Rebel Eagle
  • Hercolubus or Red Planet
  • Gnostic Science

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V.M. Samael Aun Weor                         V.M. Rabolu