Method for Awakening Consciousness. The Two Consciences: Objective and Subjective

We are told very wisely that we have ninety-seven percent of subconsciousness and three percent of Consciousness.
Speaking frankly and bluntly, we will say that ninety-seven percent of Essence that we carry within, is bottled, stuffed, tucked within each of the Selves which together constitute the “Myself”.
Obviously the Essence or Consciousness bottled up within each Self, is processed by its own conditioning.
Any disintegrated Self releases certain percentage of Conscience, the emancipation or liberation of the Essence or Consciousness, would be impossible without the disintegration of each Self.
The more disintegrated Selves, greater self-awareness. To a smaller amount of disintegrated Selves, lower percentage of awareness.
The awakening of consciousness is only possible by dissolving the Self, dying in oneself, here and now.
Unquestionably, while the Essence or Consciousness is sandwiched between each of the Selves we carry within us, it is asleep in unconscious state.
It is urgent to transform the subconsciousness into consciousness and this is only possible by annihilating the Selves; dying in ourselves.
It is not possible to wake up without having died in ourselves. Those who try to awaken first and then die, have no real experience of what they say, they march resolutely along the path of error.
Newborn children are wonderful, they have full self-consciousness; They are totally awake.
Within the body of the newborn child it is reinstated the Essence and that gives the baby its beauty.
We are not saying with this that one hundred percent of the Essence or Consciousness is reincorporated in the newborn, but the three percent free that is not normally engaged between the Selves.
However, that percentage of free Essence reincorporated within the body of the newborn children, gives them full self-consciousness, clarity, etc.
Adults look at the newborn with pity, they think the child is unconscious, but is sadly mistaken.
The newborn sees the adult as it is actually: unconscious, cruel, perverse, etc.
The Selves of the newborn come and go, circling around the crib, they would like to get inside the new body, but because the newborn has not yet built a personality, all the Selves attempt to enter the new body, is more than impossible.
Sometimes babies are frightened when they see those phantoms or Selves that approach their crib and then they scream, cry, but adults do not understand this and assume that the child is sick or hungry or thirsty; such is the unconsciousness of adults.
As the new personality is formed, the Selves that come from previous existences penetrate gradually into the new body.

When the totality of the selves has returned, we appear in the world with that horrible inner ugliness that characterizes us; then we walk everywhere like sleepwalkers; always unconscious, always perverse.
When we die, three things go to the grave:
1) The physical body. 2) The vital organic background. 3) The personality.
The vital background, like a ghost will start to disintegrate little by little, in front of the sepulchral grave as the physical body is also disintegrating.
The personality is subconscious or infra-conscious, enters and leaves the sepulcher whenever it wants, rejoices when mourners bring flowers, loves his family and dissolves very slowly until becoming cosmic dust.
That what continues beyond the grave is the Ego, the pluralized self, the my-self, a lot of devils within which it is bottled Essence, the Consciousness, which in its time period and hour returns, rejoins.
It is regrettable that when the new personality of the child is made, also the selves rejoin.

The above allows us to see that we have to do two different jobs:

1- Awakening the 3% of Objective Consciousness:

This part of our being, the 3%, knows the way that will retrace. To wake it up we must:

● Start working with the Three Factors for the Revolution of Consciousness.
● Transfer the center of gravity, which is currently in personality, back to consciousness.
● Leave the fascination in which our personality put us with the things of the world.

2- Release and awaken the 97% of subconsciousness:

Implies to death on ourselves, following these steps:

1. Self-observation, to discover the different defects that occur.
2. Prosecution. Each discovered defect must be judged to be fully understood through reflection and meditation.
3. Elimination. Pleading to our particular Divine Mother.