Permanent Gravity Center

Not existing a true individuality, it is impossible to have continuity of purpose.

If there is no psychological individual, if many people live in each of us, if there is no responsible subject, it would be absurd to require someone continuity of purpose.

We know that within a person many people live, then the full sense of responsibility does not really exist in us.

What a self stated in a particular given moment, it cannot be of any severity due to the concrete fact that any other self can affirm exactly the opposite at any other time.

The worst of all this is that many people believe they have a sense of moral responsibility and self-deceive themselves stating they are always the same.

There are people that at any time of its existence come to the Gnostic Studies, glowing with the force of longing, they are excited about the esoteric work and even swear to consecrate the whole of their existence to these matters.

Unquestionably all the brethren of our movement get to admire an enthusiastic like that.

One cannot feel less than a great joy to hear people of this kind, so devoted and definitely sincere.

Nevertheless, the idyll does not last long, any day due to this or that reason, just or unjust, simple or complex, the person retreat from Gnosis, then leaves the job and to right the wrong, or trying to justify himself, he joins any other mystical organization and thinks that now is better.

All this coming and going, all this incessant change of schools, sects, religions, is due to the multiplicity of our inner selves that fight each other for their own supremacy.

Since each self has its own criteria, its own mind, its own ideas, it is almost normal this exchange of views, this constant fluttering from organization to organization, ideally in ideal, etc.

The subject itself is nothing more than a machine that is the vehicle that serves as soon a self like to another.

Some mystical Selves are self-deceiving, after leaving this or that sect decide to believe Gods, shine like fatuous lights and finally disappear.

There are people that for a moment overlook the esoteric work and then in another moment in which another self intervenes, they definitely abandon these studies and allow themselves to be swallowed by life.

Obviously if you do not struggle against life, it is devouring and are rare the aspirants which indeed not leave to be swallowed by life.

Exist within us a whole multiplicity of selves, the permanent center of gravity cannot exist.

It is normal that not all subjects self-fulfil intimately. We know that intimate self-fulfillment of the Being demands continuity of purpose and however it is very difficult to find someone with a permanent center of gravity, then it is not surprising that are very rare person who reaches the inner deep Self-fulfillment.

It’s normal to someone to be enthusiastic about the esoteric work and then to abandon it; the strange thing is that someone does not leave the job and reach the goal.

Certainly and in the name of truth, we affirm that the Sun is making a laboratory experiment very complicated and terribly difficult.

Within the intellectual animal mistakenly called man, There are germs which conveniently developed can turn us in solar humans.

However, it is worth clarifying that it is not certain that such germs develop, it is normal them to degenerate and lose miserably.

In any case the mentioned germs that are to become us in solar humans need an adequate environment, as well known is that the seed in a sterile environment does not germinate, is lost.

For the real seed of Man placed in our sexual glands can germinate continuity of purpose and a normal physical body are necessary.

If scientists continue doing experiments with the glands of internal secretion, any possibility of development of the aforementioned germs can be lost.

Although seems incredibly, the ants already passed through a similar process in a remote archaic past of our planet Earth.

One is filled with wonder when contemplating the perfection of a palace of ants. There is no doubt that the established order in any anthill is formidable.

Those Initiates who have awakened consciousness know by direct mystical experience that ants in times not even remotely suspect by the greatest historians of the world were a human race who created a very powerful socialist civilization.

Then dictators of that family removed the various religious sects and the free will, because all that deducted them power and they needed to be totalitarians in the most complete sense of the word.

Under these conditions, eliminated individual initiative and religious rights, the intellectual animal rushed down the path of involution and degeneration.

To everything before said, scientific experiments were added; transplantation of organs, glands, hormonal tests, etc., etc., etc., resulting in the gradual diminution and the morphological alteration of those human organisms to become finally in ants we know.

All that civilization, all those movements related to the established social order, became mechanical and were inherited from father to son; Today one is filled with amazement to see an anthill but we cannot but lament its lack of intelligence.

If we do not work on ourselves, we involute and degenerate horribly.

The experiment that the Sun is conducting in the laboratory of Nature, besides being difficult certainly has very few results.

Creating Solar Men is possible only when there is true cooperation in each of us.

It is not possible to create solar man if we do not set previously a permanent center of gravity within.

How can we have continuity of purpose if we do not establish in our psyche the center of gravity?

Any race created by the Sun certainly has no other objective in nature than serve the interests of this creation and the solar experiment.

If the Sun fails in its experiment, it loses all interest in such race and this in fact is doomed to destruction and involution.

Each of the races that have existed on the face of the Earth has served the solar experiment. Of each race Sun has achieved some successes, harvested small groups of solar humans.

When a race has paid off, progressively it disappears or perishes violently by major disasters.

The creation of solar humans is possible when one struggles to become independent from the lunar forces. There is no doubt that all these Selves we carry in our psyche are exclusively of a lunar type.

In no way it would be impossible to free ourselves from the lunar force if we previously don’t establish for us a permanent center of gravity.

How could we dissolve all the pluralized Self if do not have continuity of purpose? How can we have continuity of purpose without previously having established within our psyche a permanent center of gravity?

Since the current race instead of becoming independent of the lunar influence, has lost all interest in solar intelligence, unquestionably it has condemned itself towards devolution and degeneration.

It is not possible that the true man arises through evolutionary mechanics. We know that evolution and its twin sister the involution are only two laws which constitute the mechanical axis of all nature. One evolves to a certain perfectly defined point and then the devolving process; all rise is followed by a descent and vice versa.

We are machines exclusively controlled by different Selves. We serve the economy of nature; we don’t have an individuality defined as wrongly assume many pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult.

We need to change with maximum urgency so that the germs of man bear fruit.

Only working on ourselves with true continuity of purpose and complete sense of moral responsibility we can become solar humans. This means devoting our entire existence to the esoteric work on ourselves.

Those who hope to reach the solar state through the mechanics of evolution are deceiving themselves and actually condemn the involutive degeneration.

In the esoteric work we cannot afford versatility; Those who have fickle ideas, those who work on their psyche today and let themselves be swallowed by life tomorrow, those

looking evasive, justifications to abandon the esoteric work will degenerate and devolve.

Some postpone the error, leave everything for tomorrow while they improve their economic situation, without considering that the solar experiment is something very different from their personal criteria and their aforementioned projects.

It is not so easy to become Solar Men when we are carrying the moon within us. (The Ego is lunar).

The Earth has two moons; The second of these is named Lilith and is a little farther away than the white moon.

Astronomers often see Lilith like a lentil as it is of little size. That is the
Black Moon.

The most sinister forces of the ego come to the Earth from Lilith and produce subhuman and bestial psychological results.

The crimes of the red press, the most monstrous murders in history, the most unsuspected crimes, etc., etc., etc., are due to the vibratory waves of Lilith.

The double lunar influence represented in humans through the Ego that carries inside makes us a real failure.

If you do not see the urgency of giving the whole of our existence to work on ourselves in order to free ourselves from the double lunar force, we will end up swallowed up by the Moon, devolving, degenerating more and more within certain states which we might qualify unconscious and infra-conscious.

The worst of all is that we do not possess true individuality; if we had a permanent center of gravity we really would work seriously to achieve the solar state.

There are so many excuses in these matters, so many evasions, so many fascinating attractions there, which in fact usually made almost impossible to understand for this reason the urgency of the esoteric work.
However, we have little margin of free will and the Gnostic teaching oriented towards practical work, they could serve as a foundation for our noble purposes related to the solar experiment.
Vane mind does not understand what we are saying here, read this chapter and then forgets it; comes after another book and another, and finally conclude affiliating to any institution which sells us a passport to heaven, to tell us more optimistically, ensuring comfort us in the afterlife.
So are the people, mere puppets controlled by invisible strings, mechanical dolls with fickle ideas and without continuity of purpose.