Technique to Dissolve the Ego. the Details

This chapter esoterically is titled Death, because who starts to disintegrate its defects begins to get out of the circle in which all humanity is stuck. Then, when they will get invited to do a misdemeanor, the others says: – “good for nothing, that’s a dead” – because they do not follow the path of the rest of humanity.
Every human being carries within him a divine spark called Soul, Budhata or Essence. Anyway, it has different names, but actually it is a divine spark that pushes us and gives us strength to undertake a spiritual work, like the one I am teaching. That essence or soul is trapped in all our wickedness, defects or psychological selves, which are esoterically called “Ego”, which are those that do not let it express freely because they take the shouting and the control of the person. And with the work of the disintegration of the defects is growing and is being strengthened, it will manifest more clearly, more forcefully. It is becoming soul.

Technique to dissolve the Ego, The Details

I’ll give you an example: this tree stands on its core roots, they do not feed them but hold it against the winds and the weight to keep it from falling, not collapse. And its tiny roots which stretch across the rest of the land, and they absorb the sap to feed it.
Likewise is the ego of us or of the humanity. The thick roots that support the tree symbolizing the capital defects, such as lust, revenge, anger, pride and others. Small roots symbolize the details, those tiny manifestations belonging to this or that defect, which we believe are not defects but are feeding him. The Ego is fed by all those tiny details that we host.
We must begin to self-observe ourselves to see the thousands of negative details we have, which are nourishing the trunk. So it’s up to everyone who wants to be saved from the disaster that is coming: get to take food to the tree, which are the tiny roots. Negative details such as evil thoughts, hatred, envy
feels against others, ambition, pick coins and insignificant things, take lies, say words of pride, greed; in short, all those things that are negative in the fund we must begin to disintegrate them seriously.
There is another divine spark which is called the Divine Mother, whose mission is to disintegrate the defects with a spear she owns. Even for tiny details it should be asked to the internal Divine Mother: “Mother of mine take out this defect or disintegrate it with your spear.” She will do so because that is her mission, helping us in that way to begin releasing. So the tree no longer grows, it will malnourished, becomes dry.
What I teach here is to put into practice, the facts: where you go, while you are working or whatever you are doing, you must watch the mind, heart and sex. Are the three centers where defects manifest, and when it is manifesting, either by any of those three centers, soon comes the petition to the Divine Mother so that she may proceed to disintegrate.

With this job I’m pointing of the Death of Ego, scientific chastity is acquired and is learn to love humanity. Who does not work with the disintegration of the defects, can never reach Chastity, nor feel love for others because he does not love himself.
The disintegration of the defects and astral projection are the only formulas for ransom.

Example: a girl is invited to dance to a disco, she asks permission from his mother, and the mother denies. Imagine the reaction inside:

• She feels frustrated.
• She gets angry.
• The self-love react.
• She compare to her peers.
• She do not want to obey.
• A Self tells her to insult her mother.
• Other Self want to argue.
• Other Self cries.
• Other Self screams and responds with anger.
• Other Self want to hit her.
• Another Self wants to fight, argue.
• Another Self wants to push her.
• Other Self feels fear about what might make the groom.
• Other Self worries about her boyfriend going out with other girl.
• Other Self cares about what friends may say.
• Another Self Imagine how well they will enjoy.
• Other Self cares about what they’ll think.
• Other Self wants to drink.
• “I should not have said anything to this old woman”, says another.
• She feels more rage.
• Other Self wants to dance.
• Other Self feels bored.
• Another Self wants to smoke.
• Another Self feels trapped.
• Other Self wants to commit suicide.
• Another says: “Life is so boring.”
• “Why did I born in this family?”.
• Other Self feel resentment with her mom.
• Other Self would like to neck with her boyfriend.
• The Self of lust protests.
• The Self of lust suffers.
• The Self of hatred feels much resentment with her mom.
• One Self says: “I wish this old woman to be death quickly”.
• Other: “Someday I will avenge”.
• And another: “I will not forgive.”
• “Maybe my dad does leave me”
• Another suggests: “I better scape of the house.”
• And another says: “I’m afraid to do it.”

Some time passes and she continues to remind all the suffering that caused her mother, still wants revenge, and never tires of telling people how bad is her mom, etc.