The Dance of the Dervishes and Transmutation of the Cosmic Forces

The aim of this conference is to give us tools so we can develop ourselves better in the esoteric work.

The Dance of the Dervishes:

Dervishes are Masters of Turkey that live in the desert. There are Singers Dervishes and there are Whirling Dervishes. The Singers Dervishes taught through songs and music Consciousness processes. The Whirling Dervishes taught through dance how the body can be in harmony with the universe with certain movements or Runes, which within us mobilize forces that are very useful to achieve concentration.
Then, these dances are meant for us to secure Concentration. We must do it before any practice to succeed. thereby, to take any practical: splitting, meditation, etc., if you want to get good results, you should harmonize the physical body with the inside part. And it is achieved with these exercises.
These three dances are the following:

First Dance: Open the arms, which are straight and perpendicular to the trunk. Put your hands up and begin to rotate in the direction of clockwise.
This practice is very useful because it download the liver, the solar plexus and emotional area. Also, it organizes and puts the seven chakras to spin correctly, in the Whirling Darvishessense clockwise. Unfortunately, the mismanagement of energy and the energy expenditure in which all humans live make these Chakras to spinning counterclockwise. This exercise aligns and coordinates the three brains, and produces a vibration phenomenon.
You have to practice every day. It must give a minimum of twenty-one (21) laps. When you finish spinning sends the right foot forward and bending it a little and put his left arm on his right knee and right hand squeezes the eyebrows, so there is no sickness. If done for eight followed days one realizes there is no longer that dizzy feel, or if you feel is very little. So you are downloading the liver, allowing a better splitting.

on knees

The Second Dance: is to quiet the mind: most people work all day and charge many concerns. Those concerns are which not allow to focus when you are meditating, or splitting, or do any practice. If we are intellectuals and are in an office all day sitting isSecond dance necessary to balance us a little, to advance work.
So, it is advisable for a space of five or ten minutes to do the dance we’re going to teach. It is a dance that coordinates the three brains: the Intellectual quiets first, the best way to quiet the Intellectual is not thinking; It puts the courage that is required to start any practice to the Emotional; and balances to motor.
This exercise is very simple and is carried out as this: we started to jog in place and the time we started to clap rhythmically back and forth from the body and at the same time turning his head from side to side. That’s the whole exercise.
Undoubtedly, while the exercise is done you cannot think, because no thought is held there, then it begins to realize the process of balance. If we do this exercise for five or ten minutes before any practical will get a much higher capacity of concentration.

Third Dance: We started jogging in place. This time we started to clap rhythmically to Third dancethe left and turn your head to the right. Then we applaud the right side and turn your head to the left side. It’s simple, and you have to practice until coordinate it very well.
There are these two exercises. The important thing is to coordinate three things: the head movements, movements of the arms back and forth or sideways, and leg movements. Finally also it coordinates breathing. When you already have enough practice it become very easily.
Practice makes a master.

Transmutation of cosmic forces:

The transmutation of cosmic force is a work that we must do consciously. This work is done between Planet Earth, Microcosm Man and the Sun Sirius.
Before we start doing it we must do the dance of the dervishes to have sufficient concentration.
When we do this work we earn Dharma for the conscious help to the planet. That Dharma is reflected in the strength that remains for the participation in this work.
The planet Earth needs our conscious cooperation. Planet earth has its Sun inside, this Sun is called Melchizedek, the Inner Sun.
In the Sun Sirius is found the Army of the Voice. It has all the energy that sustains the Creation. If one imagines the Spiritual Sun Sirius you see a spiral of lights formed by millions of angels that move the Army of the Voice, a spectacular shine. Depending on the degree of concentration that you have you can see this.
A person doing the transmutation of cosmic force for an hour to two hours may see things like this; a chance to see is achieved with good concentration.
We do this job invoking our being, because for our being there is no space or no time. That is, the distance to Sirius does not matter, the distance from where we are to the center of the Earth, 6,240 kilometers more or less to the center of the Earth to the Being does not exist, he in a second can be there.
We sat down with the palms facing up. Let’s imagine the vortices of reception and transmission of cosmic energy that are in the toes.
Then the job is to move energy from the planet Earth to the heart, then move it to the Sun Sirius, then lower it again to our heart and finally deliver that Cosmic Energy to the planet Earth.
The full lap is made. We carry a power to Sirius and bring energy from Sirius to the planet Earth, on planet Earth we exhale expelling all air from the lung.
You can be sitting or standing, it doesn’t matter. I inhale making the first eight on the center of the planet and took it to the height of the heart, it is made the Eight, comes out to Sirius by the crown, because the crown is the exit point of the planet, of the microcosm. Then we come to Sirius, we imagine Sirius, we do the Eight there, and we return again to the heart, do the Eight, at the output of the heart, we exhale and expel all the download to the center of the planet, making the eight there in the middle.
A full breath -inhalation and exhalation will take from thirty seconds to a minute, according to the lung capacity that everyone has. No need to worry about running, no rush.
After the transmutation we are loaded with unimaginable energy to practice splitting, meditation, whatever. It is a very special energy, the more it has transmuted feels better and one can concentrate better for practice.
You can imagine the energy silvery gray, at the least expected moment you start to see it. You will see the stream of energy that is running through one, but that is seen during practice.

The conditions for the exercise of transmutation:

• Being barefoot.
• In a quiet place
• If is possible in contact with the ground. If you cannot, then be on materials that do not isolate, as tile floors. Carpets insulate.

Transmutation of Cosmic forcesTo do the work of transmutation of cosmic force you have to do five horizontal Eights equal to the symbol of Infinite (∞):
• The first Eight down, in the center of the Earth.
• The second Eight up to the height of the heart.
• The third Eight in the Sun Sirius.
• The fourth Eight up to the heart again.
• The fifth Eight finally again on planet Earth.

1 – We start with an inhalation. With Imagination we collect energy from the center of the Earth, Doing the first eight. Then we ascend to the heart.
2 – We do the second Eight up to the height of the heart.
3 – Keeping the air, we left for the crown and going to Sirius, we imagine Sirius.
4 – We make the third Eight in Sirius.
5 – We got to our heart, penetrating through the crown.
6 – We make the fourth Eight in the Heart.
7 – Leaving the Heart, we exhale sending to Earth all the energy we bring, imagining we download that energy into the center of the planet. And do the fifth eight.