The Inner Chatter and the Psychological Song

The Chatter

It is urgent, and cannot be postponed observe the inner chatter and the precise place of origin.
Unquestionably wrong inner chatter is the cause causorum of many inharmonious and unpleasant psychic states in the present and in the future.

Obviously that insubstantial vain wordiness of ambiguous chattering and in general all harmful, damaging and absurd talk, manifested in the outside world, has its origin in the wrong inner conversation.

It is known to exist in Gnosis the esoteric practice of inner silence; this is know by our disciples on Third Chamber.

Not more to say with complete clarity that inner silence must specifically refer to something precise and definite.

When the process of thinking is intentionally exhausted during profound inner meditation, inner silence is achieved; but is not what we want to explain in this chapter.

Empty your mind or make it blank to really achieve inner silence, either is what we are trying to explain now in these paragraphs. Practicing inner silence to which we are referring either mean stopping something penetrate the mind.

We are really talking right now of a type of inner silence very different. It is not something vague and general …

We want to practice the inner silence in relation to something already in mind, person, event, their own or another subject, what they told us, what he/she did, etc. without touching the inner tongue, without intimate discourse. ..
Learning to silence not only with the exterior tongue, but also with the secret, internal tongue, is extraordinary, wonderful.

Many keep quiet externally, but with their inner tongue will skin alive the other. The venomous and malicious inner chatter produces inner confusion.

If we observe the wrong inner chatter will be seen which is made of half-truths, or truths that relate to each other in a more or less wrong way, or something that is added or omitted.

Unfortunately our emotional life is based solely on self-sympathy.

To the top of matters so much infamy we only sympathize with ourselves, with our beloved Ego, and we feel antipathy and even hate for those who do not sympathize with us.

We love ourselves too much, we are narcissistic one hundred percent, this is irrefutable, indisputable.
As we continue bottled in the self-sympathy, any development of the Being becomes something more than impossible.

We need to learn to see the point of view of the others. It is urgent to know understand the position of others.
Therefore all things whatever you desire for men to do to you, you shall also do to them.” (Matthew, VII, 12).

What really counts in these studies it is the way men behave internally and invisibly with each other.

Unfortunately, and although we are very courteous and even sincere at times, there is no doubt that invisibly and internally we treat badly to each other.

Apparently very caring people, drag their fellow men daily into the secret caves of themselves to do with them whatever they please (harassment, ridicule, scorn, etc.).


It is time to think seriously about what is called “inner consideration“.
No doubt about the disastrous aspect of intimate self-consideration; this besides hypnotizing the consciousness, it makes us lose a lot of energy.
If you do not make the mistake of identifying too much with yourself, the inner self-consideration would be something more than impossible.

When you identify with yourself, you love a lot, feels sorry for himself, self-considered, thinks he has always behaved very well with this person, with this other person, with his wife, children, etc., and that none has come to appreciate him, etc. Total he is a saint and all others are scoundrels and rascals.

One of the most usual forms of intimate self-consideration is concern for what others think about oneself; They might suppose that we are not honest, sincere, truthful, courageous, etc.
The most curious of all this is that we unfortunately ignore the enormous loss of energy that this kind of concerns brings.

Many hostile attitudes towards certain persons who have done us no harm, it is due precisely to such concerns born from intimate self-consideration.

In these circumstances, loving to much oneself, self-considering this way, it is clear that the Self or better said the Selves, instead of dying they horribly fortified.

Identified with oneself one pities his own situation and even starts doing accounts.
that’s how you think that this or that guy, or the other, the godfather, the godmother, the neighbor, the boss, the friend, etc., etc., etc., have not paid him properly despite all his well-known benefits and bottled in this it becomes unbearable and boring to the entire world.

With a guy like that, you can hardly talk because any conversation is certainly is going to stop in his accounting book of such boastful sufferings.

It is written that in the Gnostic Esoteric Work, mood related growth is only possible through the forgiveness of others.

If someone lives from instant to instant, from moment to moment, suffering from what they owe, for what they did to him/her, for the bitterness that caused to him/her, always with the same song, nothing can grow inside.
The Lord’s Prayer says: “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”

The feeling that people owe us, the pain of the evils that others caused, etc., stops all inner progress of the soul.

If they owe me, we owe. If we demand to be repaid even the last denarius, we must first pay even the last penny.

This is the law of retaliation, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Vicious circle, absurd.
Apologies, the full satisfaction and humiliation that we demand to others for the wrongs they caused us, they are also required for us although we consider ourselves tame sheep.

Placed one under unnecessary laws is absurd, it’s best to get himself under new influences.
The Law of Mercy is a more elevated influence than the Law of the violent man: Eye for eye, tooth for tooth.

It is urgent, indispensable and cannot be postponed, to place ourselves intelligently under the marvelous influences of the Gnostic esoteric work, forget that they owe us and eliminate from our psyche any form of self-consideration.
We must never admit within us, feelings of revenge, resentment, negative emotions, anxieties for the wrongs caused us, violence, envy, incessant remembering of debts, etc., etc., etc.

Gnosis is destined for those sincere aspirants who truly want to work and change.

If we look at the people we can see directly, that each person has his own song.

Each one sings his own psychological song; I want to emphatically refer to the issue of psychological debts; feel that people owe us, complain, auto consider, etc.

Sometimes people sing their song, because they want, without being encouraged and sometimes after a few glasses of wine …

We say that our boring song must be eliminated; it incapacitates us internally, it robs a lot of energy.

In matters of revolutionary psychology, someone who sings too well, we are not referring to a beautiful voice or to physical singing, certainly cannot go beyond itself; it stays in the past …
A person impeded by sad songs cannot change his Level of Being; cannot go beyond what it is.

To move to a higher level of being, we must stop being what it is; We need not to be what we are.
If we continue being what we are, we will never pass to a superior Level of Being.

In the field of practical life, unusual things happen. Very often a person starts a friendship with another, just because it is easy to sing his song.

Unfortunately such kind of relationships end when the singer is asked to shut up, to change the record, to talk about something else, etc.

Then the resentful singer, goes in search of a new friend, someone who is willing to listen indefinitely.

The singer demands comprehension, someone who understands him, as if it were as easy to understand another person.
To understand another person we must understand ourselves. Unfortunately, the good singer believes that he understands himself.

Many are the disenchanted singers who sing the song of not being comprehended and dream with a marvelous world where they are the central figures.

However, not all singers are public, there are also reserved; They not sing their song directly, but secretly sing.

They are people who have worked hard, who have suffered a lot, they feel disappointed, they think that life owes them all that they were never able to achieve.

Usually, they feel an internal sadness, a sensation of monotony and frightening boredom, inner exhaustion or frustration around which thoughts are stacked.

Unquestionably, secret songs prevent us step on the path of Self-realization of the Being.

Unfortunately, such inner secret songs go unnoticed by ourselves unless we intentionally observe.

Obviously all observation of oneself lets light pass in oneself, in your inner depths.
No inner change can occur in our psyche unless being taken in the light of the observation of oneself.
It is indispensable to observe oneself when alone in the same way that being in relationship with people.
When one is alone, very different Selves, very different thoughts, negative emotions, etc., are presented.

Good company is not always when you are alone. It’s just normal, very natural, to be in very bad company in complete solitude. The most negative and dangerous Selves arise when you are alone.

If we want to radically transform we need to sacrifice our own sufferings.

Often we express our sufferings in articulated or unarticulated songs.