The Law of the Pendulum

It is interesting to have a wall clock at home, not only for checking the time but also to reflect a little.
Without the pendulum the clock does not work; the movement of the pendulum is profoundly significant. In ancient times the dogma of evolution did not exist, then the sages understood that historical processes always take place according to the Law of the Pendulum.

Everything flows and flows again, rises and falls, increases and decreases, comes and goes in accordance with this marvelous Law.
It is not strange that everything oscillates, that everything is subject to the swaying of time, everything evolves and involutes.

At one end of the pendulum is the joy, the pain in the other; All our emotions, thoughts, longings and desires swing in accordance with the Law of the Pendulum.

Law Of The Pendulum Balance

Hope and desperation, pessimism and optimism, passion and suffering, triumph and failure, profit and loss, assuredly correspond to the two ends of the pendulum.

Egypt arise with all its power and dominion on the banks of the sacred river, but when the pendulum went to the other side, when it arose by the opposite end it fell the land of the Pharaohs and lifted Jerusalem, the city beloved by the Prophets.
Israel fell when the pendulum changed position and emerged at the other end the Roman Empire.

The pendulum movement rises and sinks empires raises powerful civilizations and then destroy them, etc.
We can place the various schools pseudo- esoteric and pseudo-occult, religions and sects on the right side of the pendulum.

We can place on the left side of the pendulum movement to all schools of materialist type, Marxist, Atheist, Scepticist, etc. Antithesis of pendular movement, changeable, subject to incessant permutation.

The religious fanatic, due to any unusual event or disappointment, can move to the other end of the pendulum, becoming an atheist, a materialist, a skeptic.
The materialistic, atheistic fanatic, due to any unusual incident, perhaps a metaphysical or transcendental event or a moment of indescribable terror, can shift to the opposite extreme of the pendulum’s motions and become an unbearably religious reactionary.

Examples: a priest defeated by the polemics of an esotericist, in desperation became incredulous and materialistic.

We knew the case of a skeptical, atheistic woman who, because of a conclusive and definite metaphysical event, became a magnificent exponent of practical esotericism.
In the name of truth, we must declare that the materialist, true and absolute atheist is a sham, is nonexistent.

Given the proximity of inevitable death, faced with an instant of indescribable terror, the enemies of the eternal, materialistic and unbelieving instantaneously pass to the other end of the pendulum and end up praying, weeping and crying out with infinite faith and enormous devotion.
Karl Marx himself, author of the Dialectical Materialism, was a Jewish religious fanatic, and after his death, he received a funeral of a rabbi.

Karl Marx prepared his Materialistic Dialectics with a sole purpose: “Create a weapon to destroy all religions of the world through the skepticism.”
Is a typical case of religious jealousy taken to the extreme, in no way could Marx accept the existence of other religions and preferred to destroy them with his Dialectics.

Karl Marx, fulfilled one of the Protocols of Zion, which reads: “No matter if we fill the world with materialism and repugnant atheism, the day when we triumph we will disseminate the religion of Moses properly codified and in a dialectical form,and we will  not allow any other religion worldwide”.
Very interesting is that in the Soviet Union, religions are persecuted and people are taught the materialistic dialectics whilst within the synagogues the Talmud, the Bible and religion are studied and work freely without any problem.

The masters of the Russian government are religious fanatics of the Law of Moses, yet they poison the people with the farce of Dialectical Materialism.
We would never pass judgment against the people of Israel; We are only declaring against certain double side elite that pursuing undisclosed purposes are poisoning the people with Materialistic Dialectics, whilst they secretly practice Moses’s religion.

Materialism and Spiritualism with all their resulting theories, prejudices and preconceptions of any species are processed in the mind according to the Law of the Pendulum and are fashionable according to custom and time.
Spirit and matter are two concepts highly debatable and thorny which no one understands. The mind knows nothing about spirit; it knows nothing about the matter.
A concept is just that, a concept. Reality is not a concept but can forge many concepts about reality.
The spirit is the spirit (the Being) and can only know himself. It is written: “The Being is the Being and the reason for Being is the same Being.”

Fanatics of God matter, the scientists of Dialectical Materialism are empirical and absurd one hundred percent. They discuss the matter with a self-sufficiency dazzling and stupid when in reality they know nothing about it.
What is matter? Which of these foolish scientists knows? The vaunted matter is also a too prickly and highly disputable concept.

Which is the matter?, the cotton?, iron?, meat?, starch?, a stone?, copper?, a cloud or what?. Saying that all is matter would be as empirical and absurd as asserting that the whole human organism is a liver or a heart or a kidney. Obviously, one thing is one thing and another thing is another thing, each organ is different and each substance is distinct. So what of all these substances is the vaunted matter?
With the concepts of the pendulum plays a lot of people, but in reality the concepts are not reality.

The mind only knows illusory forms of nature, but it knows nothing of the truth contained in such forms.

Theories go out of fashion over time and over the years and what you learned in school afterwards is useless, conclusion: nobody knows anything.
Concepts of the extreme right or the extreme left of the pendulum go like fashions of women, all these are processes of the mind, things that happen on the surface of the understanding, nonsense, vanities of the intellect.

To any psychological discipline, another discipline is opposed, to any logically structured psychological process is opposed by another similar, and after all, what?

The Real, the Truth, is in what we are interested; but this is not an issue of the pendulum, it is not among the swings of theories and beliefs.
Truth is the unknown from instant to instant, from moment to moment.

Truth is in the center of the pendulum, not at the extreme right and not at the extreme left.

When Jesus was asked: What is the Truth?, he kept a profound silence. And when the Buddha was asked the same question he turned his back and walked away.
Truth is not an affair of opinions, neither of theories, nor of prejudices of the extreme right or the extreme left.

The concept that the mind may build up about the truth, is never the truth. The idea that the understanding may have about the truth is never the Truth.
The opinion we have about the truth, however respectable it may be, in no way is the truth.

Neither spiritual currents, nor their materialist opponents can ever lead us to the truth.

Truth is something that must be experienced directly, as when we stick a finger into fire and it burns, or when you swallow water and drown.
The center of the pendulum is within ourselves and that is where we shall discover and experience directly the Real, the Truth.

We need to directly auto-explore to auto-discover and profoundly know ourselves.

The experience of the Truth only comes when we have eliminated the undesirable elements which together constitute the Myself.
Only by eliminating the error comes the truth. Only by disintegrating the Myself, my mistakes, my prejudices and fears, my passions and desires, beliefs and fornications, intellectual pigeonholes and self-sufficiency of every kind, comes to us the experience of the Real.

Truth has nothing to do with what is said or did not say, with what has been written or stopped writing; she only comes to us when the Myself has died.
The mind cannot seek the truth because it doesn’t know it. The mind cannot recognize the truth because it has never known. Truth comes to us spontaneously when we have eliminated all those undesirable elements which constitute the Myself, the My-self.

While Consciousness remains bottled in the My-self, it cannot experience that which is real, that which is beyond the body, affections and the mind, that which is the truth.
When the Myself is reduced to cosmic dust, the consciousness is liberated to finally wake up and directly experiences the Truth.
Rightly Great Kabir Jesus said: “Know the truth and it will set you free”.

What is the purpose of a man to know fifty thousand theories if he has never experienced the Truth?

The intellectual system of any man is very respectable, but any system has its opponent and neither is the Truth.
Better auto-explore to know ourselves and get to experience someday directly, the real, the truth.


Who or what can guarantee that concept and reality are absolutely equal? The concept is one thing and reality is another and there is a tendency to overestimate our
own concepts.

Reality is equal to a concept is actually almost impossible, however the hypnotized mind by its own concept always assumes that this and reality are the same.

At any psychological process correctly structured through a precise logic, it is opposed another different stoutly formed with similar or superior logic, what then?
Two minds severely disciplined within intellectual railway structures discussing each other, arguing, on this or that reality they believe each one in the accuracy of its own concept and in the falsity of the concept of the others, but which of them is right ?,
Who could honestly give guarantors in either case?. In which of them, concept and reality are the same?
Without question each head is a world and in each and every one of us there is a kind of pontifical, dictatorial dogmatism that want us to believe in absolute equality of concept and reality.

However strong the structures of reasoning, nothing can guarantee absolute equality of concept and reality.
Those who are self-enclosed within any intellectual logistic procedure want to always match the reality of the phenomena with elaborate concepts and this is just the result of reasoning hallucination.

Opening to the new is the difficult easiness of the classic, unfortunately people want to discover, see in every natural phenomenon their own prejudices, concepts, preconceptions, opinions and theories; nobody knows how to be receptive, seeing the new with a clear and spontaneous mind.

That phenomena talk to the wise it would be indicated, unfortunately the wise of these days do not know the phenomena, just they want to see in them the confirmation of all their preconceptions.

Although seems Incredibly modern scientists know nothing about natural phenomena.

When we look in the phenomena of nature exclusively our own concepts, certainly we are not seeing the phenomena, but the concepts.
But the foolish scientists hallucinated by their fascinating intellect, stupidly believe each of their concepts is absolutely equal to this or that observed phenomenon, when the reality is different.

We do not deny that our affirmations are rejected by everyone who is self-enclosed by this or that logistic procedure; unquestionably the pontifical and dogmatic condition of the intellect could accept in any way to this or that concept properly prepared, not exactly match the reality.

As soon as the mind, through the senses, observes this or that phenomenon, it immediately hurries to label it with this or that term scientistic which unquestionably comes only to serve as a cover for ignorance.
The mind not knows to be really receptive to the new, but it knows to invent extremely complicated terms with which aims to qualify in self-deceptive form which certainly is ignored.

Speaking this time in the Socratic sense, we say that the mind not only ignores, but also ignores that it ignores.

The modern mind is terribly superficial, has specialized in inventing terms made extremely difficult to cover their own ignorance.
There are two kinds of science: the first is just that compost heap of subjective theories that abound there. The second is the pure science of the great enlightened, Objective Science of Being.
Undoubtedly it wouldn’t be possible to penetrate the amphitheater of cosmic science, if we have not died in ourselves.
We need to disintegrate all those undesirable elements that we carry within, and which together constitute in themselves, the Self of Psychology.

While the Superlative Consciousness of the Being remains bottled in the myself, in my own concepts and subjective theories, it is absolutely impossible to directly know the harsh reality of natural phenomena in themselves.
The key of the laboratory of nature is in the right hand of the Angel of Death.

Very little can be learned from the phenomenon of birth, but from death we can learn everything.
The inviolate temple of pure science is found at the bottom of the dark sepulcher. If the germ does not die, the plant is not born. Only death brings forth the new.

When the Ego dies, the Consciousness awakens to see the reality of all phenomena of nature as they are in themselves and by themselves.

Consciousness knows what he directly experiences by itself, the harsh reality of life beyond the body, affections and the mind.

Additional Graphics

Law OF The Pendulum Critial Point

To an ascent always follows a descent of equal magnitude.
The middle line is the Truth.
The critical point allows to contemplate both ends to transcend them.

Law Of The Pendulum Three Brains and Balance

Interior Pendulum

To achieve the understanding we must avoid to polarize ourselves in the Intellect or sex.
Understanding is a faculty of the heart that allow to reconcile the opposites.