The No Identification with Everyday Things and Why We Judge Others

When one is identified Consciousness fall asleep. The vigil was lost, understand this.

Life is like a movie composed of many pictures and scenes. Is not convenient to identify with any scenes, with no picture, with no semblance, because everything passes: people passes, the ideas passes, things passes, everyone is illusory. Any stage of life, however strong it may be, it passes and stays back in time.

What should interest us is what is called being, consciousness. Here is the essentially because the Being never passes: the Being is the Being …

When we identify ourselves with the various comedies, dramas and tragedies of life it is obvious that we fall into fascination and in the unconsciousness of the psychological dream. Here is the reason why we should not identify with any comedy, drama or tragedy of life, because even if it is so serious it passes away. There is a common saying: “There is no evil that lasts forever or body that resists.” So everything is illusory and temporary.

One in life sometimes finds with some difficult problems. Sometimes it happens that one finds no exit or solution to the problem, and it becomes huge, monstrous, gigantic before our mind. Then one succumbs to the concerns, saying “What I do?, what shall I do?”. You do not find an escape, and the problem becomes more monstrous, huge, gigantic in extent that you still thinking on it. But the day comes that if we face the problem as it is, we mean, if we grabbed the bull by the horns, we see that the problem is nothing, it destroys by itself, is from illusory nature.

But it is essential not to identify with any circumstance of life. When we do not identify with this or that problem, when we remain alert, we discovered the problem in our own psychological defects.

Normally it is seen that the problems are due to fear; the self of fear keeps the problems alive. We are afraid of life, we are afraid of death, what people say, who others think, gossip, slander, poverty, hunger, nakedness, to jail. Everything is feared, and due to this the problems become increasingly insoluble, stronger.

In an economic problem, what we fear? Ruin, or we have to pay particular debt, because if we do not pay they put us in jail, etc.

In a family problem, what do we have? He says, what is said, the forked tongue, scandal, vested interests, etc. But if we remove the fear, everything disappears, it becomes nothing.

If one is never identified with any event, problem or situation, manages to always be alert and watchful. And it is in that state of alert where one discovers their psychological defects. A discovered defect must be understood and then eliminated.

The worst circumstances of life turn out to be major contributors to our inner growth. In the most pleasant moments of life typically underperform our inner work.

When one identifies not identify the defect that is manifesting. Normally these defects are projected onto others, They look within ourselves that identification is given to avoid us from identify them, and so we cannot discover them or remove them.
For the esoteric work it is essential to initiate a phase of constant struggle to not identify with any item, whatever it is. If a person is identified, for example, with alcohol, ends up drinking; if it identified with gluttony ends up eating, and so on with everything that comes to.

An identification with anger sleep our consciousness that much, that we could last several days identified without resuming the psychological work. It is necessary to fight every moment to not allow ourselves to identify.


Now let’s look at another aspect that prevents the awakening of consciousness. You should know that we do not really know ourselves and all people on the outside are useful as mirror to help us see ourselves reflected.

If every time you see someone with a defect, we observe ourselves, we see that something is moving and does not want us to observe it. Therefore it reacts and tries to criticize what is doing this or that person to fall asleep our Consciousness and to make us fail to discover it.

At one given point what someone bothers us is something we carry hidden within our psychology and we do not like to see it out, so we criticize.

In other reactions we may discover that internally we have the contrary defect to what we see externally. For example, if I see someone who is wasting their money and in my interior I have the miser self, the defect react when he sees his opposite in the outside. Then I feel disgust.

The key of everything is always to direct the observation to the inner world, see what we feel, what we think, what we want, the way we are reacting, the internal chatter that occurs, etc., etc.

While one is observing goes inside and makes discoveries and can go eliminating what understands. But if the identification is given the next step will be Critics. As soon we identify we begin to judge the other person, we criticize the defect that we have projected in her. As a result of the before the consciousness fall asleep and self-judgment is lost.

Critical judgment is the ability of consciousness to understand our own defects, but that ability disappears as soon we criticize the other person.

Ponder this: if we do not know ourselves, how can we believe that we know others?

That’s why we judge any appearance or any action we see in others. But we must never identify with appearances because appearances are deceiving. We look at a
woman doing a certain thing and say, “Oh !, that’s a prostitute.” “That is a something”, “this one is a sissy”, “that over there is such a thing,” “the one who comes there is a thief”, etc.

But who is judging? If you look at the finger pointing and the other three fingers inward looking to our interior… are our own selves who are speaking out what we have inside.

We have to realize that what we are judging in others is a simple appearance. We do not know the psychological reasons that forced a person to act in a certain way, we just see an external event and judge the outward appearance.

Therefore, the judgment we make is a wrong judgment, and what happens with that misjudgment? That judgment is slander, which ends causing a bad relationship between the judged person and one. In esotericism what really matters is how we are internally related to one another, if I judge someone I become their enemy.

But let’s keep analyzing: when one criticized and slandered a person it happen to be identified. He lost the ability to self-observe and self-prosecute his failing.

Self-criticism is essential. It allows to see our own defect reflected there, in front, in the other person. If we become aware that we have this defect we can ask for death and there will be elimination of it.

It is important to start a fight to stop judging others; this fight is going to lead to what is called the Awakening of Consciousness, and will be on two fronts:
Not identify
Do not judge others.

If we begin to combat these two errors we are not going to sleep the consciousness. And recover critical judgment. When one really gets critical judgment everyone is going to serve as a mirror to work one’s defects. Death on the go will perform up dramatically.

A person loses too much time judging others. In the esoteric work, when a Master is judged, for example, the person is standing. If we do not have the ability to understand the actions of people who are supposedly in our own level of consciousness or less, much less we could be able to judge the Beings who have a higher level of consciousness.

● We do not know ourselves.
● We project our faults in others.
● We judge outward appearances.
● Such actions do not really match with the judgment that we issue.
● Therefore we wrongly judge the actions of others, slandering.
● The judgment that we issue is, indeed, the own psychological defect that over the others we have projected.