The Origin of the Ego

We will see this theme of the origin of the Ego. Its purpose is that we look at different aspects involved in the moment in which the Ego was created.

Roughly 18.5 million years ago the sexes had already separated, we stopped being androgynous, humanity was divided into Adams and Eves. there were ready female bodies to start having sex in company.
All Lucifers accepted the challenge, and told to human beings if they wanted to be like the gods they would have to prove that fruit. The fruit was shared sex. For this they instructed the Gurus or Masters to direct those sex practices. All couples should go to the temple to practice sex on the honeymoon, for two purposes:
● Reproduce the species.
● Create the existential superior bodies of the Being.

Each spark should start working with the two trees: The Tree of Life, which was the sex, and the Tree of Good and Evil, which was for Wisdom for Self-fulfilment. These two trees, then, have common roots, or share their roots with each other.

At that time appears the comet Condor and crashes with planet Earth. As a result of this collision of worlds the earth’s crust destabilized, and to re-stabilize they sent a sacred retinue led by the arch-physical and arch-chemical Loaissus and Sakaki; to solve that problem.
The sacred entourage decided to install in all human beings the Kundabuffer organ, which should stabilize the earth’s crust. It is noteworthy that this experiment had been done on other planets in the universe, and simultaneously allowed to set the level of Wisdom of each planet.

Also, at that time it was determined that the degree of wisdom on this planet would be four (4), that is, planet of Christs or Masters. Therefore, the tail of Kundabuffer was left by three and a half more days, based on the level of consciousness. This established the cosmic desiderata of the planet. Translating this phrase: Evilness level for the Tree of Knowledge.

Kundabuffer tail originated in the planet an astral tide or Lustful Wave, that unbalanced to all human beings, leading them to have sex outside the Temple. And, at once, to fornicate or spill the Sexual creative energy outside the amphora.

As a result of this we were expelled from Paradise. And second nature was created among the inhabitants of the planet.
We can see that until that moment the sparks were innocent, they did not know evil. In addition, the tail of Kundabuffer was delayed so that sparks came far where they had to come. Humans became terribly perverse; they were hypnotized and fascinated by evil, to the point where they were no longer interested in Self-fulfilment of the Being. Some began to commit suicide; there was no longer a reason to exist.

Because of this, the sacred retinue returned to Earth to remove the organ Kundabuffer, having already achieved their objectives. But the planet Earth was in absolute materialism. Humans got used to commit fornication, and became fascinated with this. So far they prefer to live as animals than self-fulfill.
To collective fornication was called Universal Flood. The human mind became animal for the desire. All created selves were taken in pairs to Noah’s ark for, the day they decide to regenerated, they found the raw material in the creative energy of the Holy Spirit. From there would come out Fire or Love and Wisdom or Light to learn to die in itself.

If you reflect a bit about it you can discover many things: when carry out the construction of the existential bodies with the Sexual Creative Energy we develop the Christmas tree. There Santa Claus is placing there the different gifts (virtues, powers, faculties, forces, bodies, etc.). without the Christmas tree there would be no Individual Christ. And therefore there will be no Gods.
Now you will understand why the two trees have common roots. A.Z.F. arcane secrets, etc.

If the output was given by sex, the return to Paradise should also be made for sex. If we don’t learn to practice the Supra-sex, Regeneration will not be possible. Sex is the possibility of being of every human being. In sex is the possibility of the Second Birth.

With the work in the three factors of the Revolution of Consciousness we will draw all the secrets of the Ark.
Now, the most important thing is to understand the hypnotism in which we find ourselves, that don’t leave us to value nor have a real purpose to exist. If we understand the illusion in which we find with the passing things of the material world we’ll see how important is to start working on our inner world.

It is essential that we understand very well that there are only two types of marriage:
● Those who are made for the purpose of fornication, which are all. Because all human beings on this planet seek only pleasure and fun, animal pleasure without transcendental yearnings.
● The marriage where one agrees with the Holy Spirit to never fornicate, to be able to self-fulfill the Being. In that way the process called “regeneration” is started.

This regeneration is to regain the lost power. The process that we saw in the last conference, the Genesis, to become Men, recover all the power and regenerate our seed.
When going to work on the Tree of Life, The Fire and Water should always go up and inward. Fire Ascendant is called Kundalini.

If the fire is lit, all the Black Lodge is upon to tempt us, then we must be very careful to not to fall into adultery, because we’ll lose everything.

But there is something else. If the person continues to fornicate, for each fornication will lost two vertebrae. And if we see, someone who wants to climb thirty three (33) vertebrae for seven (7) bodies, it is a long process and costs a lot. Approximately twenty-four sex practices to raise those two vertebrae that were lost in the fall.
So we must understand how important is to practice sex with love, faithfulness and chastity.

Henceforth you can take this into account. The most importantly, reproduction of the beast is done through fornication, the adultery and heartbreak. When any of these occurs, we worked to win the Abyss.
If you were to finish the Ego we have to stop making more Ego. If you do not stop producing selves, the Ego continues to grow. There is a need to take direct action against fornication, because it is who in the physical plane spends all the energy, the physical body condenses.
When a person already has this knowledge has to be decided: the definition is: Angel or Demon, there is no more. Only those two choices, or go on one side or for the other.