The Psychological Country

Unquestionably, just as exists the External Country in which we live, there is as well in our intimacy exists the Psychological Country.

People never ignore the town or region where they live, unfortunately, it happen that they don’t know the psychological place where they are located.

In a given instant, anybody knows in what neighborhood or colony is, but it does not happen the same in the psychological field, normally people do not even remotely suspect the place to where they have got in their psychological country.

Just as in the physical world there are colonies of decent and educated people, so it also happens in the psychological region of each one of us; there is no doubt that there are very elegant and beautiful colonies.
Just as in the physical world there are colonies or neighborhoods
with most dangerous alleyways full of assailants, so the same also happens in the psychological region in our interior.

It all depends on the kind of people that accompany us; if we have drunkards as friends we will end up in the pub, and if the latter are promiscuous, undoubtedly our destiny will be in the brothels.
Within our psychological country each on of us has his companions, his SELVES; which will take one to where they must according to their psychological characteristics

A virtuous and honorable woman, splendid wife, of exemplary conduct, living in a beautiful mansion in the physical world, due to its lustful SELVES could be located at dens of prostitution in her psychological country.

An honorable gentleman, of blameless honesty, splendid citizen, could within his psychological region be located in a den of thieves, due to his terrible companions, SELVES of theft, very submerged in the unconscious.

A hermit and penitent, possibly a blue monk living austerely, in his cell in a monastery, could psychologically be located in a colony of murderers, gunmen, robbers, drug addicts, precisely because of infra- conscious or unconscious SELVES, submerged deep within the most difficult recesses of his psyche.

For something we have been told that there is much virtue in the wicked and much wickedness in the virtuous.
Many canonized saints still live within psychological dens of theft or in houses of prostitution.
This we are emphatically affirming could shock prudes, the pietists, the ignoramuses, the paragons of wisdom, but never to true psychologists.

Even if looks Incredibly, within the incense of prayer the crime also hides, among the cadences of verse crime also hides, beneath the sacred dome of the most divine sanctuaries crime is coated with the robe of holiness, and the word sublime .

Among the profound depths of the most venerable saints, there live the SELVES of brothel, of theft, of homicide, etc.
Subhuman companions hidden in the unfathomable depths of the unconscious.
Much suffered for that reason the various saints of history, let us remember the temptations of Saint Anthony, all those abominations against which had to fight our brother Francis of Assisi.

However not all was said by those saints and hermits and most were silent.
One is astonished by thinking that some penitent and most holy anchorites, live in psychological colonies of prostitution and theft.

They are however saints, and if they have not yet discovered those frightening things in their psyche, when discovered they will use silicon upon his flesh, they will fast, possibly flog themselves, and plead to their divine mother KUNDALINI to eliminate from their psyche those bad companions that in those Psychological dark dens of their own country, that has them stuck.
Much have been said different religions about life after death and the afterlife.

Poor people, they need to stop thinking about what is beyond the other side, beyond the grave.
Unquestionably, after death each one continues to live in the same Psychological colony forever.

The thief in the dens of thieves will continue; the lustful will continue in the brothels as ominous ghost, the angry, furious continue living in the dangerous alleyways of vice and anger, also there where the dagger shines and shots ring out guns.

Essence itself is very beautiful, she came up from the stars and unfortunately is stuck in all these selves we carry inside.

By opposition the Essence can retrace its steps, return to the original starting point, go back to the stars, though it must first free itself from its bad companions who have it stuck in the slums of perdition.

When Francis of Assisi and Anthony of Padua, distinguished Christified masters discovered within their interior the selves of perdition, suffered greatly and there is no doubt that of conscious work and voluntary suffering, managed to reduce to cosmic dust all that set of inhuman elements that lived inside them.
Unquestionably, those Saints Christified and returned to the original starting point after having suffered much.
First of all it is necessary, urgent, and cannot be postponed that the magnetic center which is abnormally established in our false personality, is transferred to the Essence, so the whole man can start his journey from the personality up to the stars, ascending in a progressive didactic form, degree by degree by the Mountain of the BEING.

While continue the magnetic center established in our illusory personality we will live in the most abominable psychological dens; though in practical life we are great citizens.

Each one has a magnetic center which characterizes him, the trader has the magnetic center of the merchant and therefore develops in markets and attracts that which is related, buyers and merchants.

The scientist has in his personality the magnetic center of science and therefore attracts to himself all things science, books, laboratories, etc.

The esoteric has in himself the magnetic center of esotericism, and inasmuch as this kind of center becomes different from the matters of personality, undoubtedly will happen for this reason the transfer.
When the Magnetic Centre is established in Consciousness, in the essence, then the return of the whole man to the stars begins.