The Radical Change

As a man continue with the error of believing himself as one, unique, individual, it is clear that radical change will be something more than impossible.
The very fact that the esoteric work begins with the rigorous observation of oneself is indicating to us a multiplicity of psychological factors, Selves or undesirable elements that it is urgent to extirpate, eradicate from within.
Unquestionably in any way would be possible to eliminate unknown errors, urges previously to observe that which we want to separate from our psyche.
This type of work is not external, but internal and those who think that any manual of manners or external and superficial system of ethics can lead them to success, they are in fact completely wrong.
The concrete and definite fact that the intimate work begins with attention focused on the full observation of oneself, is more than enough to show that this requires a very particular personal effort of each of us.
Speaking frankly and unequivocally, emphatically we assert that: No human being could do this work for us.
It is not possible any change in our psyche without the direct observation of this whole set of subjective factors we carry within.
Give by accepted the multiplicity of errors, discarding the need to study and direct observation of them, it means in fact an evasion or escape, an escape from oneself, a form of self-deception.
Only through rigorous effort judicious observation of oneself, without loopholes of any kind, we can really show that we are not “one” but “many.”
Admitting the plurality of the selves and make evident of it through rigorous observation are two different aspects.
Someone can accept the doctrine of the many Selves without ever having checked by itself; the latter is only possible self-observing carefully.
Shun of intimate observation work, look for evasive, is unmistakable sign of degeneration.
While a man sustain the illusion that it is always one and the same person, cannot change, and it is obvious that the purpose of this work is precisely to achieve a gradual change in our inner life.
The Radical transformation is a defined possibility that normally is lost when you are not working on oneself.
The starting point of radical change remains hidden as long as man continues believing One.
Those who reject the doctrine of the many Selves clearly show that they have never observed themselves seriously.
The Severe self-observation without loopholes of any kind, allows us to verify for ourselves the crude reality that we are not “one” but “many.”
In the world of subjective opinions, various theories pseudo-esoteric or pseudo-occultist, always serve as alley to escape from themselves…

Unquestionably, the illusion that it is always one and the same person, serves as a pitfall for self-observation …
Someone might say: “I know I am not one but many, Gnosis has taught me.” Such a claim even though it was very sincere if there were no full lived experience on the doctrinal aspect, obviously such a statement would be something merely external and superficial.
Evidence, experience and understanding is fundamental, only then you can consciously work to achieve a radical change.
Say is one thing, understanding is another. When someone says: “I understand that I am not one but many” if their understanding is true and not merely insubstantial wordiness of ambiguous chattering, this indicates, notes, shows, full verification of the Doctrine of the Many Selves.
Knowledge and understanding are different. The first of these is of the mind, the second of the heart.
The mere knowledge of the Doctrine of the Many Selves is useless; unfortunately in these times in which we live, knowledge has gone far beyond comprehension, because the poor intellectual animal mistakenly called man, only unwrapped the side of knowledge unfortunately forgetting the corresponding side of the Being.
Knowing the Doctrine of the Many Selves and understanding it, is fundamental to all true radical change.
When a man begins to observe himself carefully from the angle that is not one but many, he has obviously begun serious work on his inner nature.


Only through self-observation we can prove that we are not “one” but “many”