The Sacrifice for Humanity

Since this conference speaks about one of the three factors of the Revolution of Consciousness is important to deepen.

Sacrifice for humanity is to deliver this knowledge to all humanity selflessly. The word sacrifice means sacred office, or Holy profession. The holy profession is of the Wisdom, is related to the strength of the Father. The profession of the Father is teaching, the giving of wisdom. When we teach the other brothers of humanity how to Self-fulfill intimately we embody the Force of the Father.

It is clear that all mankind ignores for what they lives. People have no idea why they were born. Nobody has said them. They live in a state of hypnosis, completely fascinated, and with consciousness totally asleep.

We, when we know it, we have the responsibility to teach what is the reason to exist, why we were born, what are the chances of being, how can we integrate with the Being, for everyone to do what seems better to do, respecting always the free will.

Normally in the term sacrifice we see suffering, because we are completely egoistizated. That force of selfishness makes us to cost a lot of work to do it, develop it. The Ego (from it comes the selfishness) is always going to oppose us to do it.

Most people when they arrive to the three factors they think that are easy to implement; but when they go to apply they do not understand why it becomes so hard.

Normally the sacrifice would be very simple. Really it becomes complicated because we carry within us not with a selfish, but with millions of egoistical pointing in different directions. In addition, we have inside the fear self, that it is not a fear, but millions of fears that keep us from selflessly serve.
Love always is seen in the Works; the heartbreak, as a result of fear, in the omission. When we begin to sacrifice for humanity we started automatically
to des-egoistizate us. Let us study this: the word des-egoistizate means stop being selfish, or share what we have with others. If we really want to achieve something we must eliminate the ego and selfishness in us, and the key is in the Sacrifice for Humanity.

What is the only thing we really have, what is our heritage?

It is our knowledge; the wisdom that allows us to Revolutionize ourselves, Freeing and achieve Self-fulfillment in one existence. If we reflect on this, if we value what we have, we realize that this knowledge could not been buy even with all the gold in the world.
When we share this with other persons we are stopping being selfish, we are giving others the possibility that they too can self-fulfill.

But let’s understand since now that we should not convince anyone, we must say them but not beg; who is not prepared cannot start the path. And each must convince himself.

Terms of Sacrifice for Humanity:

● We must deliver it pure, without adding other things that are not of Knowledge. Are Three factors and nothing more.
● We must deliver knowledge for free, if you charge is not sacrifice but business. All religions made that mistake.
● We must give it to everyone regardless of sex, color, social class, wealth, race, etc.
● We should not modify it, we are asleep and cannot alter what awakened beings organized. Each of the clues to the awakening of consciousness were ordained for that purpose.
● We must not remove or hide anything, as this would adulterate it. This happened to Christians who hid the mysteries of sex, they castrated the Factor born.
● We should not mix it with other knowledge, because this will adulterate it and it wouldn’t longer be this knowledge.

Why is it a duty to deliver this knowledge?

Here are some reasons to sacrifice for humanity and let’s reflect a little on each of them:
● The Being is the Being, and the reason for the Being is the same Being.
● To be able of Des-egoistizate ourselves, give a hard strike to the ego.
● A labor of love is feed with love. Love is in the works, if we do not do conscious works for others we do not wake the Love.
● Sparks released by death should be awaken the love and learn to serve. To achieve the merits of the heart.
● The Lion of the Law is combated with charity. Making conscious work for humanity we will have the law in favor.
● Who gives, of what is given receives. Whoever wants Wisdom has to give Wisdom.
● If you help awaken others, They helps you.
● Who has and does not gives even the little he has will be taken away. When you have knowledge you have a terrible responsibility. If one does not give the law is above you. By the fact of having you are charged, because it is a expensive right, terribly expensive. And how they charge?: The Karma of having the Wisdom and not given it is paid with blindness. Usually it is the karma of those who had the knowledge and hid it; then, they also hide them the light because light represents wisdom.
● Balancing the birth factor. A person who sacrifices himself for humanity can be born ten times faster than the selfish.
● Balancing the death factor. Each one of our selves has its own debt, if we want to remove them we have to pay what they owe.
● We owe the Karma of seven existences, if we are going to Self-fulfill in one we
must pay it all at once.
● The Sacrifice for Humanity produces Dharma, or cosmic money, with we can pay the Karma.
● When we teach we are in contact with the power of the Father, He teaches us when we do.
● Receive Force for different jobs: Splitting, flashbacks, Meditating, etc.
● To better understand the Knowledge. So that we do not forget the Knowledge.
● To become deeper on the Knowledge, while we going awakening the consciousness.
● For more consciousness it involves a greater commitment to the Being. To avoid falling into entropy or Cosmic Night.
● Who works for the Christ embodies him.
● We are liberated in order to become useful to the being, not more badly. The pleasure that selflessly work provides.
● To get the Disciple, which will allow us to enter the Absolute.

Undoubtedly, if we continue to see, everyone believes that have heard conferences once is enough. But to the extent we review the subjects, the Being is teaching us new little details, while we teach them to others. Then the instructors become deeper, and that depth is of reviewing the same topic.

We take the agenda, we focused on it and we are seeing from the conference one to the fifty conference. But every turn we will see it deeper, we discover new things, it does not become routine, but we understand more and more.

When one says: -Our daily bread||, It is referring to the wisdom that comes from our Father to our heart daily. So, when you do the plea of: -Give us our daily bread|| Is asking for wisdom to be able to feed. Because not only with physical food we live, but also of those manifestations that comes from the higher worlds. The two glands pineal and pituitary, through a secret path, For a very special door, they can send to the heart the wisdom of the Father, but you have to feel it, you have to live it.

Various forms of sacrifice for humanity.

The Sacrifice for Humanity has two great aspects: Fishing and Teaching. Fishing is seeking people interested in doing the work. Here they highlight the various
forms of dissemination and publicity.
To teach we must first learn and then prepare the conferences.

Consider different ways of doing Sacrifice for Humanity:
● The first way is when one begins to attend conferences.
● After inviting acquaintances, relatives, friends, neighbors, etc., to attend conferences.
● When one has invited all acquaintances, relatives and friends, we must continue with the rest of humanity. Then they will hand out flyers and invite people to attend.
● You can put up posters or make other types of advertising campaigns.
● To sacrifice for humanity we must prepare reflecting and understanding what we have learned.
● Later the person will prepare to dictate agendas in a conference room.
● Once we have learned we will give introductions to new people.
● Then you can work dictating conferences in the same rooms where you are attending.
● Later he will open his first room and will take care of it.
● After they will open new conference rooms elsewhere to spread the knowledge to other places.
● Later it will become an international instructor and go to open groups to other countries.
● Later he will lead and guide groups. Writing books about the knowledge.
● Making advertising campaigns: local, national or global.
● Awakening to make a more conscious sacrifice.

Reflect on this. The important thing is that when one decides to teach, -no matter where it may be on the street, in a park, at a cafe, and so.- everything you teaches becomes strength, and that strength we need to move forward.

So it is urgent to reflect on this conference to change the attitude. We must serve humanity; decide to start because many people want to help but the shyness don’t let them. Let us begin.

Why do so many people come and why so few stay? Because they have nothing to stand in the bus (symbolizing the conference room). So they are getting away permanently. The formula is: START DOING.