The Self of Betrayal

Normally speaking of betrayal, there must be a prior agreement that can be betrayed. So if there is a deal that is not met there is a betrayal. Therefore, we start from this base to study the treason: There must be violated an agreement or a commitment that we have.
We, on the physical plane, we know the betrayal when, for example, a boyfriend tells a girlfriend that will love her for life and 15 days later is bored. And in fact the groom made a promise, and failed, then there is betrayal.
There is certainly a betrayal when falsifies something or adulterate anything, to be a betrayal something must be broken: a link, a bond, a promise, etc. This is a form of betrayal.
When one comes to knowledge, and is willing to do the work, he agrees to work at any cost; then, has to deal with the three enemies of the Christ, that all we have inside, and form that what we’ll call: the Self of betrayal.


In deep Inner Work, within the field of the most strict psychological self-observation, we directly experience all the cosmic drama.
The Intimate Christ has to eliminate all the undesirable elements that we carry within.
The multiple psychic aggregates in our psychological depths scream asking crucifixion for our inner Lord.
Unquestionably, each of us carries in his psyche the three traitors.
Judas, the demon of desire; Pilate, the demon of the mind; Caiaphas, the demon of bad will.
These three traitors crucify the Lord of Perfections in the very depths of our soul. There are three specific types of fundamental inhuman elements in the cosmic drama.
Undoubtedly, this cited drama has always been secretly lived in the depths of the superlative consciousness of the Being.
It is not the cosmic drama exclusive property of the Great Kabir Jesus, as learned ignoramuses always suppose.
Initiates of all ages, Masters from all centuries, have had to live the cosmic drama within themselves, here and now.
However, Jesus the Great Kabir had the courage to perform such intimate drama publicly, on the street and in the light of day, to open the sense of initiation for all human beings, irrespective of race, sex, caste or color.
It’s wonderful to have someone who publicly taught the innermost drama for all peoples of the Earth.
The Intimate Christ not being a lustful has to eliminate from himself the psychological elements of lust.
The Intimate Christ, Being in himself peace and love, must eliminate from himself the undesirable elements of anger.
The Intimate Christ, not being covetous must eliminate from himself the undesirable elements of greed.
The Intimate Christ not being envious must eliminate from himself the psychic aggregates of envy.
The Intimate Christ being perfect humility, infinite modesty, absolute simplicity, must eliminate from himself the sickening elements of pride, vanity, conceit.
The Intimate Christ, the word, the Logos Creator always living in constant activity has to eliminate in our interior, in himself and for himself the undesirable elements of inertia, of laziness, of stagnation.
The Lord of Perfection accustomed to all fasts, temperate, never a friend of drunkenness and great banqueting, has to eliminate from himself the abominable elements of gluttony.
The strange symbiosis of Christ-Jesus; The Christ-Man; rare mixture of the divine and the human, of the perfect and the imperfect; always constant test for the Logos.
The Most interesting of all this is that the secret Christ is always a triumphant; someone who constantly defeats darkness; someone who eliminates darkness within himself, here and now.
The Secret Christ is the Lord of the Great Rebellion, rejected by the priests, by the elders and scribes of the temple.
Priests hate him; that is, they do not understand him, they want the Lord of perfections to live exclusively in time in accordance with their unbreakable dogmas.
The elderly, is to say the inhabitants of the earth, the good householders, the judicious people, people of experience, abhor the Logos, the Red Christ, the Christ of the Great Rebellion, because it leaves the world of their habits and antiquated customs, reactionary and petrified in many yesterdays.
The scribes of the temple, the rogues of intellect, abhor the Intimate Christ because he is the antithesis of the Antichrist, the enemy of all that compost heap of university theories so abundant in the markets of bodies and souls.
The three traitors mortally hate the Secret Christ and lead him to death within ourselves and in our own psychological space.
Judas the demon of desire always changes the Lord for thirty pieces of silver; that is, for liquor, money, fame, vanities, fornication, adultery, etc.
Pilate, the demon of the mind, always washes his hands, always declares himself innocent, is never to blame, constantly justifies to himself and to others, he seeks excuses, means of evading his own responsibilities, etc.
Caiaphas, the demon of bad will unceasingly betrays the Lord within us; The Adorable Intimate gives the staff to shepherd his flock, but the cynical traitor converts the altar into a bed of pleasures, unceasingly fornication, adulterates, sells the sacraments, etc.
These three traitors make suffer the Adorable intimate Lord secretly without any compassion.
Pilate makes him put a crown of thorns on his temples, evil selves scourge him, insult him, curse him in the intimate psychological space without any kind of mercy.


Judas is the demon of desire, the Enemy of Nature. It represents all our own desires, temptations, and fascination in the physical world. Let’s study this traitor.

Desire is the source of strength, it is the fire that animates anything, if we indulge to our desires we will be their slaves; if we refuse to each of our desires we release these fire that is hidden in it. Or we will become owners of the force.

Judas sells the Christ for thirty pieces of silver. This means that our desires sold in the physical world to Christ (Fire). When we learn to deny ourselves, or our desires, we begin to take ownership of the force that is hidden in every desire.

When we cannot deny ourselves we go behind each of our desires in everyday life.
Learning to fight with this traitor is very important if we want to advance in the
Great Work, otherwise we won’t begin the esoteric work.
The Gospel of Judas says: “Happy is he who sees in my light, the light of my Master.

When you see in the desire the fire, The Christ, it rescues him; when you do not see him you lose him from moment to moment.
Desire is fire, and dying from moment to moment we rescue him as Will.

It is said that Judas, or desire, is the enemy of nature; because it does not allow any creation itself. When we begin to deny ourselves we begin to balance our centers and the birth work will pay off, the creative energy of the Holy Spirit will crystallize the existential superior bodies of the Being.
This demon is defeat by denying to ourselves.


Pilate is the demon of the mind, the Enemy of Wisdom. It represents all our excuses, justifications, evasions, loopholes, etc., through which we will continue unchanged.

What it is to wash your hands? Whenever we face a problem we justify, we identify with the problem, we do not know to take advantage of the situation. We always find excuses to not to work, to not eliminate defects.

Let’s study this demon of the mind: Always find outlets, evasions and justifications to remain the same. The mind plays the role of judge each one of our defects, to prosecute with reflection, but does not do the job, lives identified with all the subjective processes.

If we want to die we have to stop justifying us, we have to judge us unmercifully, we should not accept the loopholes, we must become serious about the job.

We must remove the grass to the donkey, we should not feed the defects of the intellect, we must kill all the concepts to be integrating our mind. Remember that the best way of thinking is not thinking. With all intellectualism the mind degenerated does not longer understand.

This demon is called the enemy of wisdom because it does not leaves to die on itself. Wisdom comes with death, if we do not die, then, there will be no wisdom. This demon prevents the psychological death, always blames others, he lives judging them, instead of judging our own actions. Find thousands of justifications for not letting us do things of our Being. Find all the justifications to continue doing the things of the ego or personality.
To overcome this demon we do it not justifying us and judging us mercilessly.


Caiaphas is the demon of bad will, the enemy of truth. It represents our words, deeds and omissions in the realm of facts.

Promises and not perform what it promises, it does not care to do or not do, being able to do it does not. Waste the time on idle things that have no importance. do not want to allow us to practicing anything. Wants to self-fulfill without work.

Unwillingness to establish disciplines of work.
Unwillingness to meet schedules.
Unwillingness to do practices.
Unwillingness to stand up to do the practices.
Unwillingness to investigate.
Unwillingness to check. Unwillingness to concentrate. Unwillingness to meditation.
Unwillingness to make flashbacks. Unwillingness to practice splitting.
Unwillingness to do the little jump.
Unwillingness to make the practice of the Dervishes.
Unwillingness for the transmutation of cosmic forces.
Unwillingness for Funds Transfers.
Unwillingness to negotiate with the Lords of Karma.
Unwillingness to eliminate selves.
Unwillingness to self-observe.
Unwillingness to reflect.
Unwillingness to understand the defects.
Unwillingness to ask for death.
Unwillingness to sacrifice for humanity.
Unwillingness to hand out flyers.
Unwillingness to prepare for conferences.
Unwillingness to birth.
Willingness to waste time.
Willingness for idle conversation.
Willingness to distraction.
Willingness to watch TV.
Willingness to carousing.
Willingness for subjective work. Willingness to sleep and rest. Willingness to fornicate.
Willingness to please desires. Willingness to commit adultery, etc., etc.

Let’s see some of the treacheries to Work:

● When mixing Knowledge with pseudo-esoteric things.
● When we identify with the things of the world and we retire from work.
● When we left the esoteric work.
● When we fornicate voluntarily.
● When taking Chastity betray the Divine Mother taking another couple.
● When we do not meet the oath.
● When we choose the path of Nirvana.

Of the three demons, CAIFAS is the worst. It is the enemy of truth. If the truth is the Being, Let’s say it is the enemy of the Being. It is the enemy of Christ, he wants to prevent him at all costs.

This demon is overcome with conscious sacrifices and voluntary suffering.
Let’s seek the three traitors in each of our acts of daily living. And remember that all the Selves are judged for treason.