The Self of Witchcraft

We will study this topic in order to understand that we all have within us the warlock self and the need to eliminate it.

Witchcraft is closely related to sexual magic. We have learned that there are three types of Sexual Magic or Tantrism:
● White Tantrism. Yoni-phallus sexual union without seminal ejaculation. Kundalini.
● Grey Tantrism. Having sex without a transcendent purpose. Animal joy.
● Black Tantrism. Infra-sexual practice magic rites and seminal ejaculation. Awakens the Kundabuffer.
With this you can see the close relationship between sexual magic and witchcraft. All people walking this path should know they have to transform
in angels or demons, because they know the secrets of sex. And they know that the
Sexual Creative Energy of the Holy Spirit has the Elixir of Long Life.

The main difference between a White Wizard and Black Wizard is the quality of their knowledge.

Witchcraft: How White and Black wizards are known

Let’s Reflect on all this to see how we can be making mistakes. When progress is being made the normal is the path is twisted by joblessness in Psychological Death. Let’s discover the Self to delete it.

Therefore it is urgent to study the Black Magician, so that we discover in our behavior all the behaviors of this and remove them from our psychology. Otherwise, sooner or later we fall into Black Magic.

Other Features of Black Magician:

● Develop psychic powers, manage third, fourth and fifth dimension, exhibit their powers in public, trade with powers, use their powers against all over the world, use their powers for bullying, do not respect the free will, manipulate the emotions of others, Project fixed ideas in mind, manipulate the minds of others, manipulate through dolls and voodoo jobs, dominate others, Bonding in all forms: Bond with blood, bond with semen, bond with lands, bond their victims with substances and potions.

● Exploit the different branches of medicine, trade with medicine, trade with contraceptives, they do castrations, they do abortions, they do genetic crosses, they undress their patients, they seduce their patients or rape them, they make transplants, do blood transfusions, They handle blood and semen banks, do healings and bind the conscience.

● Alter objective knowledge, trade with esotericism, trade with Wisdom, charge for the lessons, they teach pseudo-esotericism, form pseudo-esoteric schools, give diplomas, degrees and initiations, they confuse sincere aspirants, they deviate from the road to others, they teach black Tantrism with spill of semen, teach to reabsorb the semen, fake religions, they cheat their religious affiliates.

● Look for followers, develop fanaticism, they deliver their followers to
Abyss, cheat their customers, create dependency to their clients, trade
with divinations, trade with justice, they have friends and enemies,
are biased with this or that, they handle appearances, they are advertised, they have offices, They live from the ill of others (charge for healing) and recommend masturbation.

● They do not respect the divine law, do not respect the laws of nature, commit crimes against nature, they profane the temple of the Holy Spirit, They have no Chastity, They adulterate sex, practice infrasexuality, commit adultery with couples, they steal sexual energy, they feed the Ego, They do not practice the psychological death, They do not self-fulfill their Being.

● They are isolated from the Being, they betray their own Being and distance themselves from him forever, they develop Kundabuffer, They awake consciousness for evil, do witches Sabbaths , They do witchcraft, They do make black masses, They invoke spirits and demons, they make burials, they intermediate in works of black magic.

● They preach but do not apply, develop the intellect and reason, they feel as good people, they feel righteous, they self-describe as saints, they think they are prophets, They make people fear, They pray candles, they make magnetizations, they practice hypnotism, they preach extraterrestrial contacts.

● They Work for money, they are interested in people with money and wealth, they compete and fight for fame, power and prestige, they pursue pleasure, they pursue the subjective, they teach birth control, they are selective, etc.

Dens of Witchcraft: The main places where witchcraft is work are: black magic consultories, cemeteries, pseudo-esoteric schools, churches, houses of worship, tolerance zones, brothels, motels, theaters.

Warlock powers: Jinn Estates, Levitation, Astral and Mental Splitting, power in the Word, Animal handling, Elemental handling, magic ear, Voyance, Telepathy, Presentiment, Thirteen Degrees of Anagarikas, Sexual domain, Amulets, Talismans, Stones, Rings, Gloves, Capes, Cords, Crowns, Turbans and bonnets, Staves, Rods and Swords.

What offer the Warlocks: Health, Wealth, Love, Powers, Prestige, Pleasure, Seduction, Revenge, Hate, Domination of people, Good Luck, etc.