The Three Factors for the Revolution of Consciousness

The first factor will be Spiritual Birth
The second factor will be Psychological Death.
The third factor will be the Sacrifice for Humanity.


Spiritual Birth means the creation of the existential bodies of the Being. We speak in terms of creating the seven bodies, because they have to be created, the same way as our physical body was created, by means of sex.

In order to born is necessary to have a stable partner with whom we can permanently to  work on sex . It must be only one couple, can not to be many, since this will adulterate the work. The couple must be willing to collaborate with us and to know about the work that will be done.

For this work we must learn to value the Creative Sexual Energy, because with it we will perform whole  creation.

The place where sex will be practiced is the nuptial or Altar,  this place is very special and we must take care of it a lot, so that other forces don not get  mixed there, The bedroom where the practice is done,  must be on magnificent conditions of hygiene and ventilation free of noise (thundering music) and television. it cannot be more people sleeping on the same room.

The Suprasex cannot be practiced anywhere. It is necessary to have a room designed  for this.

Before getting started with the practice of spiritual birth we must make some preparations:
● to do the Conjuration of Belilin and Magic Circle. (in order to be protected us from the forces of Evil).
● Ask the divine Father and the Divine Mother to assist us during the practice.
● Kindle fire with Kisses and caresses between spouses in order to achieve the perfect lubrication of the feminine Yoni.
● Penetration of the phallus into the yoni (penis in vagina).
● Once sexually united, concentration, imagination and will are necessary.
● to start the Respiratory Process to the transmutation of the matter into energy:
Inhalation: (20 seconds) imagining the entrance of air through the nose, until the lungs and then until the sexual glands.
Retention: (20 seconds) imagining the ascent of a golden thread through the spine from the coccyx up to the point between eyebrows.
Exhalation: (20 seconds) doing prolonged and slowly the mantra IIIII, AAAAA, OOOOO, vowel by vowel, repeating the entire respiratory process for each vowel.
● The practice will be prolonged during all the time as the couple wishes, but must disconnect without spilling the Creative Sexual energy.
● This practice can be done once per night.
● With patience, prudence and perseverance we will forward vertebrae by vertebrae and body by body.


Psychological Death refers to the liberation of the Essence, or Creative Sexual Energy, which at the moment is trapped by the psychological self or the ways of being of oneself.

In order to start the process of psychological death we must learn to self-observe ourselves. And this is the most difficult due of mechanicity on which we find ourselves.

It is necessary to differentiate the acts of the Ego, the acts of the personality and the
acts of consciousness.

What  we can observe at the inner world?

1- The different thoughts
2- The internal talks between the selves
3- Pleasant emotions
4- Unpleasant emotions
5- The emotional states we find ourselves                                                                6- Mechanical reactions
7- everything that alters us, any situation at the physical world

When one discover any of these manifestations it become conscious of what is happening internally. Then one ask the Divine Mother to disintegrate the defect or self that manifested.

To the extent that we work seriously with this procedure we will liberate the Essence, balancing our centers and awakening the consciousness. Each time we will see much more small and insignificant details, what will allow us to see the progress.

The sense of self-observation will start to sharpen progressively, as we use it, until we have fully awakened

Example: I am going down the street driving quietly, when reaching the corner, another vehicle suddenly crossed in my path. If at this instant I do not identify myself with what happening, I will be able to observe all what happens in the inner world. Let’s see:

•It appears a “self” that tells me:                                                                                • “shout to him stupid”
• Another “insult him”.
• Another “Who is believing that he is?”
• Other “Go after him”
• I observe that I want to fight.
• I observe  that my emotional center is contracted.
• I observe that a self wants revenge.
• I wonder who taught him to drive?
• I think “I wish he crashes!”.
• Another says that he could have scratched my car.
• I can not stop thinking about this.
• “How irresponsible!” Says another.
• Other selves make comments about what happened.
• I feel resentment for what happened.

Some time later I still remember the scene:
• I still have anger.
• I cannot forget what happened.
• I feel weakened.

Each one of these manifestations is produced by a different self, and we must ask to the Divine Mother to eliminate them.

Another example:
Psychological Death and releaseAn attractive woman passes by close to one. If I self-observe myself I discover the selves in my head that are idealizing her, if I observe the emotional center I feel love or attracted to her, if I observe the Instinctive Center and the Sexual center I notice a distinct morbid activity. What do I have to do? When I observe that I am idealizing her, I ask for the elimination of that detail. When I observe that I am falling in love I ask  for the elimination of that feeling,  And when I observe the instinctive sensation, I ask for the elimination of that Self.  If any of them persist I continue asking to the divine mother to eliminate it until none manifest.
This procedure is called Ongoing Death, and implies to be all day in vigil to notice about each detail.
If I sit a moment to reflect on the differents events of the day and the states in which I found myself, I can make new discoveries and continue asking to the Divine Mother to eliminate each thing that I comprehend. This procedure is denominated Reflective Meditation, and it helps us to liberate great amounts of Consciousness.


The Sacrifice for humanity is to bring this knowledge to all humanity selflessly. Without any distinction of race, color, wealth, poverty, social position, etc.

The Knowledge has to be delivered completely free, without receiving anything in return, otherwise it is not sacrifice but a business. No one would have mean with to pay this knowledge.

Wisdom is the beginning of everything. If we do not receive it we die being ignorant of the reason for existing. If we reflect about this and we value the knowledge that we have we will realize the great responsibility that this represents. To Imagine that all our brothers are asleep, without even knowing for what they exist, this produces terror.

The Knowledge must be delivered pure and clean, without adding or omitting anything, without mixing it with pseudo-esoteric or subjective Knowledges.

Conditions for sacrifice:

● we must deliver it for free

●We must deliver it to all the people.
● We must deliver pure, without adding other things.
● We must not remove or hide anything, because this would be adulterate it.
● We should not mix it with other knowledge.

Some reasons to sacrifice for humanity:

1. The reason for the Being is the same Being.
2. Remove the selfishness, Stop being selfish.
3. A Labor of Love is fed with love.
4. Each self has its own debt, if we do not have enough to pay we get stuck.
5. We owe Karma of seven lives, to self-realize ourselves we must pay.
6. When one has much need, he needs good income.
7. When you sacrifice for humanity you receive Dharma.
8. Sacrifice generates the merits of the heart to move forward.
9. What you give you receive, whom gives nothing receives nothing.
10. He who gives wisdom gets wisdom.
11. He who has not given even the smallest will be taken.
12. The merits of the heart allow us to advance in the work of Nativity.
13. When a person teaches he understands better.
14. A Selfish person progresses very slowly, if he progresses.
15. Every time we help others our father gives us knowledge and teaches us something new.
16. Every time we repeat the syllabus we understand better.
17. If we are teaching we create a center of gravity around the esoteric work.
18. If we stop teaching we get stuck in the other two factors.
19. The various selves want us to forget this job. If we do not teach that will happen.

Different forms to sacrifice for humanity:

1. Inviting our friends, family and acquaintances to the conferences.
2. Inviting strangers.
3. Distributing leaflets and pasting posters inviting to the conferences.
4. By advertising or making ads for campaigns.
5. Preparing yourself to dictate the conference.
6. Learning to teach to lose the fear that don’t allow us to do
7. Giving introductions to the new students.
8. Dictating conferences.
9. Opening rooms where you can teach this Knowledge.
10. Preparing staff to continue teaching.
11. Supervising the staff who prepares to teach
12. Motivating People to practice the three factors.
13. Leading groups.
14. Waking consciousness to guide others.
If we prove the strength received when we give this knowledge we will begin to form a center of gravity in our Gnostic esoteric work.