The Universal and Individual Christ


The Army of the Voice - The Universal and the Individual Christ

It should be understood that the Army of the Voice, the Army of the Word, is FIRE. And that live fire, living and philosophical fire that makes fertile the chaotic matter, is the Cosmic Christ, the Logos, the Great Word. But for the Logos to appear, to come to the rally, One should unfold in two, is to say: The Father on the Mother, and of the union of the two opposite is born the third: the Fire. That fire is the Logos, the Christ, the Word that makes possible the existence of the Universe in the Dawn of any creation.

Should we understand better what is the Christ, Do not merely recall the historical issue. Because the Christ is a reality from instant to instant; from moment to moment; from second to second; He is the Creator. Fire has power to create atoms and disintegrate; the power to handle the universal cosmic forces, etc. Fire has the power to unite all the atoms and create universes as the power to disintegrate Universes. The world is a fireball that turns on and off according to laws.

Christ is the Fire of the Fire, the Flame of the Flame, the Astral Signature of Fire.

On the Cross of the martyr of Calvary it is defined the Mystery of the Christ in one word consisting of four letters: INRI, Ignis, Natura, Renovatur, Integram. – Fire Incessantly Renews Nature -.

The Advent of Christ in the heart of man, radically transforms us.

Christ is the Solar Logos, Perfect Multiple Unit. Christ is the life that throbs in the entire universe, is what it is, what has always been and always will be.

Much has been said about the Cosmic Drama; unquestionably this Drama is formed by the Four Gospels.

It has been told that the Cosmic Drama was brought by the Elohim to Earth; the Great Lord of Atlantis represented that Drama in flesh.

The Great Kabir Jesus also had to represent the same Drama publicly on the Holy Land.

Although Christ is born a thousand times in Bethlehem, it is useless if he not born in our heart too.

Although he died and was resurrected on the third day from the dead, it is useless unless it dies and rises in us too.

Trying to discover the nature and essence of fire is to try to discover God, whose real presence has always been revealed under igneous appearance.

The burning bush (Exodus III, 2) and the fire of Sinai following the granting of the Decalogue
(Exodus XIX, 18) are two manifestations by which God appeared to Moses.
Under the figure of a being of Jasper, and sardonic flame color, seated on an incandescent and shining Throne, Saint John describes the master of the Universe. (Revelation, IV, 3, 5).

Our God is a Consuming Fire, St. Paul writes in his “Epistle to the Hebrews.”


If against the Guardian of the World of Will we not decided on the direct, narrow and difficult path, it is not possible for the individual Christ to born.

If we don’t become previously Men it is not possible to be born the Son of Man.

If the seed does not die, the germ does not born.

The Intimate Christ is latent in our seed.

Temptation is fire, triumph over temptation is light.

The Initiate must learn to live dangerously; so it is written; Alchemists know this.

The Intimate Christ appears internally in the work related to the dissolution of the Psychological Self.

Obviously the Inner Christ only comes at the peak of our intentional efforts and voluntary sufferings.

The coming of the Christic fire is the most important event of our lives.

The Intimate Christ is then in charge of all our mental, emotional, motor, instinctive and sexual processes.

Unquestionably, the Intimate Christ is our Savior deep inside.

The Intimate Christ, the Celestial Fire, must be born in us, and really born when we have advanced a lot in the psychological work.

The Intimate Christ must eliminate from our Psychological Nature the very causes of error, The CAUSAL selves.
It would not be possible to dissolve the causes of EGO while the Intimate Christ is not born in us.

Living and Philosophical Fire, the Intimate Christ, is the Fire of the Fire, the pure of the pure.

Fire surrounds us and bathes us all over, comes to us through the air, the water and the Earth itself, which is its conservative and its various vehicles.

The Celestial Fire must crystallize within us, it is the Intimate Christ, our deep inner Savior.

The Intimate Lord must take charge of our entire psyche, the five cylinders of the organic machine, of all our mental, emotional, motor, instinctive, Sex processes.

The Cosmic Christ is composed of all individual Christs of a Galaxy.