Two Kinds of Knowledge: Objective and Subjective

There are two worlds: the outer world and the inner world. Each of these worlds has its own reality.
The outside world is made up of all the things we know outside. As we can see and touch them we think are real, and let ourselves be fascinated by them. But if you look properly, all these things that form the outside world are transient in nature. Everything passes, people passes, constructions pass, continents pass, animals pass, things pass. In the outside world we form our personality imitating others.

To study the personality is found that it is governed by social norms, what is allowed and not allowed in a society. The legislation, behavior, moral and religious precepts, which we learn from society. Kindergarten, primary, secondary, university, specializations, etc.
But sooner or later our physical body has died, and our personality will disintegrate. Everything will pass, What we do not see the humans is that all things of personality, sooner or later will pass. Many things we were taught years ago were later modified.

Subjective knowledge or of the personality atrophy consciousness, alienates, machined us, makes us theorists, atrophy our intellectual center. Speaking clearly, if you want to self-fulfill from less subjective knowledge have acquired the better.
The inner world is different; in it we found two kinds of realities. One is the free and conscious essence, 3%, and another is the essence trapped in the psychological self, the 97%. But the 100% of our Essence is what really counts, is our Being. This Essence is our particular God, the real, the true, the eternal, the beautiful, which does not pass in every one of us.
As we have dormant the conscience we do not even know that we came to this world with a purpose: to know ourselves, meet our particular God. To know ourselves is necessary to know our inner world, and that’s what counts.

In order to know our inner world the first will be to observe it, or learn to observe, because the sense that allow it is atrophied in most humans. When we discover any of our defects and we realize that within him is one of our sparks trapped we see that we must release it. For that you need to understand why that defect was created, how it feeds, how it handle us, and beg our Divine Mother to remove it. So, the essence is released, and once emancipated will awaken its consciousness, you will receive from the Father his own Objective Knowledge, its vocation or occupation within our Microcosmos. If we proceed with each of our defects we will start to integrate our being, and we will awaken an objective knowledge, because it is a knowledge of our being, it is a knowledge that does not pass, it is the wisdom of our own consciousness.

The word knowledge comes from knowing, indicating that it is something that has to be done personally. Most of us, in the process of intellectualization, mechanically believed that were enough to learn or memorize, and we become believers of all that we have been told, but we have not known anything that we supposedly know. We missed the most important part of knowing, which is to check.

To develop objective knowledge is necessary to create the inner bodies, allowing us to get to know the different dimensions of nature and the cosmos. If we make the mistake of not creating our superior bodies of the Being we never know ourselves in an objective manner.
In these bodies we integrate the Being and the Knowing.
The inner knowledge or objective is not about theory or lectures, or stories; It is something practical that we have to do in terms of the three factors.
● If we do not die the essence is not released, and therefore we won’t advance towards Wisdom.
● If we are not born, then, the existential bodies of the Being are not created, that allow us to understand the different dimensions of nature.
● If we do not sacrifice ourselves either we consciously integrate the law of Love.

We have seven consciousnesses, they are in embryo within our Sexual Creative Energy, when we learn to create ourselves we develop each of these consciousnesses.
● With the Physical Body we know the third dimension.
● With the Vital Body we will know the fourth dimension, the Jinn paradises.
● With the Astral Body we will know all the stars and planets.
● With the Mental Body we will know the world of atoms, and we can draw wisdom from them.
● With the Body of Will we will know the electronic worlds or Christ planets, all that is, was and will be.
● With the Buddhic Body we will know electromagnetic worlds, true happiness.
● With the Atmic Body we will dive into the ocean of light.
Without those seven bodies or objective knowledge it is impossible to get to know the Universe and the Gods. The Greeks taught that first you had to know yourself to know the Universe and the Gods.
Objective Knowledge allows us to know the real, the reason to exist, our role in the Universe. It allows us to merge with our being.
If we want to reach to the objective knowledge we have to check and practice these teachings.
The word –Knowledge|| comes from knowing, if you do not know you don’t have knowledge.
Because a guy speaks well, has a good memory, holds different works and authors and all those things we say: That guy does know, he has knowledge||. But which knowledge?
For example, when you teach to dead letter, repeating what teachers taught to you, is a lie, and anyone could say: -‘You are liars, how can they be so sure of that?||. And this is because you have not yet been made or tested yet.
Every Gnostic must begin to acquire their own knowledge. So now you’re going to talk about your own knowledge.
The Master says it all in his works, all are true, because I’ve been checking; but if I Say: -the Master Samael says in such work, in such chapter, such and such thing||. Any one of you could tell me: You’re a liar. Are you aware of that?||
The Master laid the foundation for each of us come to your own knowledge.