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Important advice about Knowledge Of Oneself

Our series of lectures are totally free and entry free. The conference rooms work in order to seek human regeneration and are not places where: work doctors, traditional healers, astrology, divination or any kind of offices. They are not places where the Kabbalah and tarot cards or similar are used. They are not taken into sale: talismans, essences or irrigations, nor do housecleaning. We do not interpret dreams or read the aura, we do not preach aliens or angels contacts. We do not practice martial arts, or offer Master’s titles or fortune tellers. We do not give initiations. We do not practice reiki, magnetizations, parapsychology, spiritualism, shamanism and sorcery. Nor we grant supernatural powers, nor do courses for that purpose. we neither are a religion, nor a MLM, and we don’t have leaders of any kind, we only seek to provide knowledge to all people of the world totally free of charge.

Conference Rooms Europe:

Italy, Firenze (Italian, Spanish)

Coming soon we will be opening more new conference rooms through North America and Europe.