Meditation and Koans

Meditation is the bread of the wise.

One must know how to be serious, you have to know how to change if we really and truly do not want to fail in the esoteric work. Meditation is fundamental when we sincerely want such change.

Who does not know how to meditate, the superficial, the ignorant, will never be able to dissolve the Ego; It will always be an impotent driftwood in the tumultuous sea of life.

When one wants wisdom we have no choice but to learn to meditate, meditate is entering the Sixth and Seventh Dimension, and this can only be done in a manner: muzzling the ego and releasing the Essence. That exercise, after learning to do, it becomes very simple.
We need to become serious and leave aside all the nonsense that abound there in the cheap pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultism.

In any way we wish insignificant, superficial, and vain meditation.

We are interested in the real and transcendental meditation. One must know how to distinguish and manage what is one thing and what is the other. Transcendental Meditation is different, it looks for changes in the Being.

What is a Koan?

A Koan is a phrase unanswered, generally paradoxical. The mind will always try to answer it, but cannot because you do not know. Then it becomes saturated and the thinking process is exhausted, and gives way to the consciousness. This way is muzzled the Ego and Essence is released for a few moments.

Some Koans: (You should always use only one).

● If these two hands when they crash sound like this (sound of applause), how does it sound one? And we focus on the sound of one. And we wait the answer until the Essence escape.
● We ask: “Where is the truth?”. And we wait for the answer.
● We ask: “Where is the gap?”. That’s another phrase unanswered. When we see the gap there we go, because we are looking for a hole. Then only we ask: “Where is the gap?” until we see the hole.
● “If all things are reduced to the unit, what the unit is reduced?”. Here we stand still waiting until it’s done.
The Koan is necessary until the break is given. First of all is very effective. You do this, you imagine the sound of one, and then stay there until you are released.

Meditation Practice with Koans

1- First you must always find a quiet place, you can do on a day in the office or on a site where you can lock and nobody bothers you or have a meditation room. We will see the importance of having that kind of site. This is a place to find the Power and Wisdom, then, is a very special place.
2- Conjuration of Belilin and Magic Circle.
3- Plea to the Father and Mother Assistance. With our own words and with good imagination.
4- Relaxation. As simple as possible, seeing that our body is found very comfortable, that nothing would mortify, it is recommended to cross it all. When we feel it good relaxed we do the next step.
5- Evolutionary thought: For example: I prepare a ground, remove the grass, disinfect the soil, fertilizer, prepare a seedbed, I put the seeds until germinate, I do the grooves, then transplant them, water them, then imagine how they are born and grow, After a given time they give buttons, they begin to flower, the rose becomes beautiful, I feel the fragrance, gives flowers and flowers.
6- Involutive Thought: imagine how the rose seems to fade, drying, no longer gives roses, gets completely dry, the wind knocks; the wind takes fallen branches, all over.
7- Synthesis of thought or stillness of mind.
8- Place the Koan.

Practice patiently until you do it, practice makes perfect.